10 Best Instagram Fonts You Must Use In 2024

best instagram fonts

This blog is ideal for you if you’re looking for the best Instagram fonts for social media branding! We’ve gathered the best Instagram fonts for all social media postings, not just Instagram ones. From the best handwritten font to sophisticated serif font, we made sure to provide every typeface that will help your Instagram post reach its affluent audience.

Speaking of Instagram, are you interested in knowing what font it uses? Instagram’s new global typeface is called Instagram Sans. Thus, this post will assist you in the process of creating an Instagram story to market your company or brand when you’re ready to do so. Check out our list of the best Instagram fonts if you’re searching for one. Now let’s get going!

10 Best Instagram Fonts

We have 10 recommended best Instagram fonts that will make your posts stand out and make your feeds quickly popular!

1. Zanna

Best Instagram Fonts

Brands that are upscale and expensive-looking require an upscale Instagram feed. You will select a font that enhances the upscale and opulent appearance of your brand. Zanna’s broader lines give it a distinct, opulent vibe.

This typeface offers a distinct feeling of elegance due to the well-balanced mix of thick and thin lines, and it is also reasonably visible. Because the font is readable, you won’t have to worry about people misinterpreting your brand because it has too many curves or swashes. Zanna’s wide, powerful letters make it ideal for use as a headline in your Instagram photos or as a logo. Your Instagram post won’t be missed by anyone anymore after using these best Instagram fonts.

2. Merisca

Merisca best instagram fonts

Serif font doesn’t have to be boring; in fact, it can look quite elegant. Merisca is a decorative and highly readable typeface with a bold, condensed serif design. Because it’s easy to read and has a lovely appearance, it’s perfect for a headline or other Instagram posts.

Merisca’s large character set, with many stylistic ligatures and alternates, is just another fantastic feature. For ease of usage, it also supports multiple languages!

3. Scratch Out

Scratch Out best ig fonts

Scratch Out’s contemporary brush design creates a sleek and sophisticated appearance. You can use this typeface to give the design of your Instagram post a gritty, urban feel. The handmade and genuine feel of each stroke of this typeface is what distinguishes it from others. It will look fantastic with your Instagram aesthetic of urban themes.

It’s ligatures and stylistic variants provide it with more adaptability. It supports several languages and has rich character PUA encoding. You will therefore find it easy to utilise this typeface.

4. Quinten

Quinten best insta fonts

Quinten will appeal to you if you enjoy thin fonts with thin lines. This serif font has a sleek, contemporary look that exudes luxury and grace. Your Instagram post will look and feel unique because of the beautiful shape, which will also draw in viewers.

Quinten is adaptable and simple to use for whatever theme you’re creating. Quinten can help you make any kind of Instagram account stand out with its stylish and elegant design.

5. Gattos Breu

Gattos Breu ig fonts best

Gattos Breu is a lively, playful, and bold typeface that will suit your needs perfectly. This font’s retro, groovy, and vintage style will make your Instagram stand out. Your 90s retro style will look fantastic on Instagram if you add vibrant colours.

You can use the font’s stylistic alternates and ligatures to create a unique look for your Instagram design. Gattos Breu is a sans-serif font with exceptional legibility, making it incredibly simple to read. But it also has a stylish appearance, giving this typeface a decorative element as well.

6. Merilux

Merilux instagram fonts

Try Merilux if you’re looking for another modern font option for your Instagram posts with a modern vibe. With its refined lines and graceful curves, this typeface exudes luxury. This chic typeface is ideal for monograms, signatures, Instagram headline posts, and much more.

The font has ligatures and stylistic alternates, so you can easily change it. Additionally, Merilux supports multiple languages, adding to its versatility. This typeface is simple to use on a PC or Mac and just requires a brief installation process.

7. Grindale

Grindale best font

Grindale is a traditional, powerful typeface that has a modern twist and radiates beauty. Make a stylish and bold title for your Instagram post by using this font. It will quickly capture the interest of your viewers.

With its ligatures and stylistic alternates, this typeface has sufficient versatility. By selecting the ideal font type or combination for your Instagram post, you may express your creativity thanks to these capabilities. In addition to having a large character cast, Grindale is multilingual. As a result, you will have the flexibility you need to use this typeface to produce amazing Instagram posts.

8. Black Corps

 Black Corps best insta fonts

Try this typeface if you’re looking for strong, bold fonts. It will remind you of military tactical operations, as its name implies. If you are creating posts with a military theme on Instagram, using this font will give your account a visually striking style. You don’t have to worry about it being too limited, though, as this typeface may still be used for a variety of purposes.

Your Instagram post’s headline will look fantastic with the simple, bold design. This typeface can also be used to make a compelling announcement on Instagram.

9. Meritta Serif

Meritta Serif best instagram fonts

Meritta is a lovely, sophisticated typeface that will complement your Instagram photos. Using this typeface on your design project will give you more versatility because of its varied ligatures and alternates.

This typeface appears lovely because of its swirly embedding. Use this typeface to create a beautiful Instagram feed. You can use this typeface with ease thanks to its many adjustable features and ease of usage.

10. Parisienne

Parisienne best insta fonts

Not to be overlooked is the exquisite Parisienne script font. Parisienne is a script typeface, yet it’s still quite readable and looks well on smaller displays, like your phone. This typeface is ideal for Instagram posts because of this.

This font’s polished, vintage appearance will keep readers from moving on. As a result, give your Instagram photos a lovely touch by using this typeface.


It is clear from the list that the best Instagram fonts are widely available over a wide range of categories and styles. But, you must pick yours wisely in order to use your social media designs and aesthetics to shape your personal brand or brand identity. Selecting the best Instagram fonts is an essential design choice since it has the power to create or destroy the design’s atmosphere and message. Additionally, everything you post on social media is likely to go undetected if you don’t elicit the proper emotional response. After you use these best Instagram fonts, nobody will miss your posts on Instagram.

We hope you liked our article on the best Instagram fonts and are now ready to rock your Instagram profile by using these best Instagram fonts. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comment box below. For more such content, stay subscribed to Techniblogic.

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