Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2020 with Price

Best Kitchen Chimney in India
Best Kitchen Chimney in India

The kitchen chimney is a kitchen device that removes smoke, moisture, and grease-filled air. The Chimney helps in removing indoor air pollution and prevents breathing problems and enhances the aesthetics of the Kitchen. Kitchen chimney sports 3 major parts like a suction motor, hood or duct, and a filter.

Best Kitchen Chimney in India Price & Offers

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How does the kitchen chimney work?

The kitchen chimney works on a very simple mechanism. Smoke and oil droplets that are emitted during the cooking process are drawn into the Chimney, and the grease is trapped by the filters. Moreover, the moisture and smoke are channelled out through the ducts and thrown outside the environment.

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Benefits of kitchen Chimney:

1.Keeps the Kitchen clean

2.Protects the Floors, the Roof, and the Kitchen Cabinets

3.Keeps the Kitchen odourless and fresh

4.Makes your Kitchen look aesthetically pleasing

5.No more sneezing while cooking

Kitchen Chimney vs Exhaust fan

It enhances the aesthetics of the Kitchen It is essential but not modernize
Chimney offers noiseless operations. The exhaust fan makes a lot of noise
It can be costly as compared to Exhaust Fan It is cheaper
Chimney can suck all the odour from the Kitchen. Hence, making your Kitchen odourless and fresh. An exhaust fan can suck all the particles and air and push it out of the room
A kitchen chimney comes with three major parts, a suction motor, hood or duct, and a filter. Before Chimney was invented, Exhaust Fan is an electrical device that was designed to keep the kitchen air clean.

 Features to consider?

  • Size

 While purchasing a chimney, make sure to go for a size exact or higher than your stove or HOB.

  • Low-noise level

 Exhaust Fan tends to make a lot of noise, and hence it does not help you concentrate while cooking. So ideally, chimneys are the best option. A, they do not make a lot of noise while operating. Always buy a chimney that produces no or lesser noise while operating.

  • Filters

Filters are used for air handling and are majorly classified into 3 categories, namely cassette filter, baffle filter, and carbon filter. As per the chimney manufacturers, baffle filters are the best suitable option for the Indian Kitchen.

  • Suction Power

Suction power is the capacity of the motor to suck oil particles and odour and is measured in cubic meter per hour. So, while purchasing Chimney, make sure you go for higher air suction capacity chimney.

  • Ducting

If you are confused between ducted and ductless Chimney, let me make it clear over here. For Indian Kitchen, ducted hoods work better. Why? Well, because they are better at absorbing smoke, heat, and moisture.

  • Blower

The motor or the Blower of the Chimney should be sealed. So, before you buy to check if the blower is sealed or not. So that, dust and grime do not get into it. Moreover, always go for the Chimney that has Aluminum nonstick blower as it saves users from the pain of monthly servicing.

  • Warranty

Most of the Chimney comes with 12 months of warranty whereas some of them have a lifetime warranty.

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 Best Kitchen Chimney in India 2024

1. Glen 60cm 1000 m³/h Designer Hood Glass Chimney

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This Chimney is by the brand Glen that has been known for revolutionizing the Indian Kitchen with innovative new products and thoughtful features. The Chimney features a robust black back body and is reliable enough to provide freedom from smoke, fumes, and smell. It comes with a baffle filter and an Italian motor. The baffle filter ensures dynamic air flows, effective work, easy to clean, and lasts long. It features powerful suction of 1000 m3/h to whisk away all the traces of fumes or grime in seconds.

2. Sunflame 60 cm 1100 m³/hr Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

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The Sunflame curved glass kitchen chimney feature Led Lights, the suction capacity of 1100 m³/hr, Baffle filter, and push-button control.  The baffle filter works efficiently forcing oil & other residues to settle inside the baffle, hence, allowing only the air to move freely in between the filters. The LED light helps in keeping your Kitchen bright and heat-free, unlike the halogen alternatives. The Chimney features a push-button control system that offers maximum comfort and user convenience. The powerful suction capacity and noiseless operations help the Chimney to operate with a powerful motor that prevents the smoke from escaping the Chimney and hence your Kitchen remains fresh.

3. Prestige GKH 600 CN Wall Mounted Chimney

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This Chimney is the perfect combination of style and innovation. It consumes less power and works more efficiently. The device comes with a suction capacity of 1100 m³/hr. The Chimney is made of a double-layer stainless steel body and is very effective in removing odour.

4. Hindware 90cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney 

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It is a thermal auto clean chimney that is designed to enhance your cooking experience. It comes with 1200 m3/hr of suction capacity and features a powerful metallic blower. Moreover, it can be operated via touch control, and it offers energy-efficient LED lamps. The Chimney is ideal for Indian Kitchen and comes with stainless steel Baffle Filter and a metal oil collector cup. The Chimney ensures that you have a smoke free, fresh, and clean Kitchen.

5. Glen 60 cm 1200 m3/h Heat Auto Clean Chimney

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This Chimney by Glen features baffle filter, oil collection tray, sealed powerful motor, and powerful suction capacity of 1200  m3/h. It also features touch control options that enable ease of operation with just one touch and makes your kitchen hood a smooth and effortless product to use. The Chimney is equipped with LED lights that are placed to lighten up the hob area for convenient cooking.  The Chimney features an advanced design to ensure that it does not reduce the airflow and accumulates the oily deposits without choking the filter. Moreover, it comes with built-in 4th generation auto-clean technology.

6. Seavy 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

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It is an Auto-Clean Chimney that operates on the Touch Control Panel and has an air suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr which removes the stinky and greasy particles in seconds. The Chimney is equipped with 2 stainless steel and a detachable Baffle Filters which is suitable for Indian kitchens & requires cleaning every 6 months. Moreover, the Chimney features energy-efficient 2 LED Lights.

7. Prestige AKH 600SL Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney

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This Chimney features a baffle filter to separate grease & spice, half-yearly cleaning. It comes with auto-clean function a uses water/heat to auto clean the collection chamber and the Chimney is very useful in removing odour. The Chimney also sports intake vents that are placed at an angle which makes them more useful. The smoke and vapour get directly collected into the vent on the sideway. The Chimney will keep you safe by pulling away from the harmful fumes.

8. Faber 60 cm 1200 m3/h Filterless Autoclean Chimney

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The Chimney comes with heat auto clean technology that makes your kitchen oil and smoke-free.  The technology prevents oil and grease particles which affect the suction power of Chimney. The product comes with 2 LED lamps, which consume very little power. The Chimney operates on a lesser noise level to give you a calm environment while you are cooking. The Chimney can be operated via touch control, and it comes with a higher suction power of 1200m3/h, which helps you to cook your food quickly and peacefully. It is Filterless technology, and hence there is no hassles cleaning required.

9. Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m3/h Auto-Clean Chimney 

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The Chimney features a suction capacity of 1200 m3/h, Baffle Filters, touch control panel, heat auto control technology, LED lights, and an elegant body.  This is a perfect chimney for your modern Kitchen and helps ensure smoke-free cooking. The high-quality Baffle filter helps in dragging down all grease, smoke, and dust particles. There is a heat auto control technology that collects all oil particles and saves them in a separate oil collector. The Chimney offers simple and speedy operation.

10. UNFLAME 60cm 500 m3/hr Chimney

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The Chimney sports a premium design and features a maximum air volume of 500 m3/hr. The Chimney comes with a Baffle filter and oil collector and LED lights. The stainless baffle filter and collector allow the air to move freely between the filters. It requires cleaning every 6 months and the dishwasher safe cassette filters made from anti-rusting stainless steel retain grease and oil particles from the exhaust smoke. The Chimney operates via touch control system maximum comfort and convenience and is equipped with 2 LED efficient lights that consume very little power.  

Best Chimney for Kitchen in India Pricing Table

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This sums up the list of top 10 best chimneys that you can purchase. Make sure to refer to the features to consider and go for the one that fits your kitchen requirements. In my opinion, any chimney with high suction power, sealed blower, baffling filter, and minimum warranty for at least 1 year is the one that you should consider to purchase.

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