Best Procreate Alternative for Android 2024

Best Procreate Alternative for Android

Is procreate only for iPad? Can I get procreate alternative for Android? Here is Best Procreate Alternative for Android. A lot of graphic designers and artists create their magic just out of their smartphones in their pockets. It allows them the portability and versatility for on-the-spot ideas and their implementation. An efficient application solely meant for editing and graphic designing might be the best tool for people working in this area or niche.

One of the well-known apps amongst others is Procreate. It’s a raster graphics editor and a procreate  alternative for android app. It’s majorly used for digital painting and it was launched in 2011 on the Apple Store. It has gained a lot of popularity ever since and has become the go-to app for a lot of artists out there. Here’s a list of Best Procreate Alternative for Android to draw your masterpiece and if you looking for Best Procreate Alternative for Windows 10 then you must check that article as well.


Best Procreate Alternative for Android


This app is by Autodesk and it’s one of the most popular apps used when it comes to smartphone graphic designing and sketch creation. And now, a fully-featured version of Sketchbook is free for everyone.

It has a very user-friendly interface and the pesky ads won’t bother you. It has a collection of multiple brushes and texture options that helps you to create an artwork of your own choice. And, this app comes under the list of Editors’ Choice on the Google Play store.

2.Adobe Photoshop Sketch

 - Best Procreate Alternative for Android 2024

Pencils, markers, thick acrylic, ink brush, soft pastel, you name it, you will probably get it when using this application by Adobe. You can all these tools and more to create your artwork and which can later be sent as layered filed to Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Apart from this, you get to access all the goodies that come with your Adobe package like Adobe Stock for high res royalty free images and the creative cloud libraries. It’s also another on the list of Editors’ Choice on Google Play.It comes in the list of the procreate alternative for android.


Concepts provides you with an infinite canvas to jot down your ideas and creativity. Sketch your thoughts and doodles with tilt + Pressure, draw storyboards and create beautiful product sketches on the go. The majority of the tools are pretty straightforward and easy to understand and use.

It is fairly new to Android compared to iOS but I would suggest giving it a try and wait for a while till they bring all or most of the major features from the iOS to Android. You won’t be disappointed!

4.Ibis Paint X

It is considered one of the popular and versatile apps available on Google Play that boasts of more than 100 million downloads. It has over 2500 materials, features 800 different kinds of fonts, and has a massive collection of 387 brushes along with 71 filters and screen tones.

Apart from these features, it also has a stroke stabilization feature and various ruler features like the Radial Line Rulers or the Symmetry rulers. There are a lot of YouTube tutorial videos on how to use the application and you can also record your drawing process in a video format. And, there is no limit to the number of layers that you can use.

5.MediBang Paint

This app is the procreate alternative for android and suitable for lightweight digital painting and comic creation. It’s free to use and comes with tons of brushes, fonts, pre-loaded backgrounds, and multiple other resources. It comes with almost all the features that its desktop version has.

Users can gain access to over 850 tones, textures, backgrounds, and word balloons for free. Its interface allows for the quick creation of comic books with several different fonts to set the tone of your story. You also get some cloud storage for easy management and backup of your files.


It’s solely a painting application with exquisite drawing tools that allow you to mark your photo, draw your photo or draw on your photo and it consists of multiple tools that imitate the paintbrush, ruler, and eraser.

There are a lot of important features that shouldn’t have been premium but unfortunately, they are so there would be a couple of hiccups here and there if you are using the free version. The paid version on the other hand contains most of the tools that you will generally require to create an artwork. Paper color is also a procreate alternative for android.

7.Tayasui Sketches

 - Best Procreate Alternative for Android 2024

The disclaimer for this one would be to purchase the pro version to get the best experience out of this application. The pro version has no limits and you are free to do whatever you want wherever you want when it comes to sketching your idea on a canvass.

Features like layers, import, brush editor, color eyedropper and, watercolor wet brush make it appealing to use as a daily driver for your sketches and paintings. It supports a stylus and its preferred one is the stylus from Wacom.

8.Drawing Desk

 - Best Procreate Alternative for Android 2024

A word of caution before you install this one, you will probably have to do a couple of things like following the company’s social media, etc to unlock some of the features or you can just opt for the free trial. Again, the proper utilization will only come in handy if you use all the features created by the application.

Talking about the app, it provides 5 pro digital art drawing modes, kids desk, sketchbook, doodle desk, coloring book, and photo desk. It has a variety of creation tools including pencil, pen, crayon, watercolor brushes, etc. The Draw Game consists of more than 500+ coloring pages of animals, alphabets, and numbers so this feature may come in handy if you got a kid at home.

9.Adobe Illustrator Draw

Just like Adobe Photoshop Sketch, the Draw app works the best within the Adobe ecosystem and seamlessly undoubtedly.  Draw allows you to zoom up to 64x to apply finer details, sketch with 5 different pen tips with adjustable opacity, size, and color. Multiple images and multiple layer support are also available along with basic shape stencils or new vector shapes from Capture.

You can also send an editable native file to Illustrator or a PSD to Photoshop which will automatically open up on your desktop. The adobe stock can provide you with quality images that are licensed and high resolution.

 10.Infinite Painter

This app is a procreate alternative for android boasts to be the most advanced painting engine featuring 160+ natural brush presets and you can create a new brush or change its settings with ease. You can draw 3D cityscapes with five different perspective guides using the app.

With its superior interface, you can turn a photo into a painting and you can customize the tools as per your needs on the top bar of the application. Move, bloat, pinch, swirl or Ripple are some of the liquify tools available on Infinite Painter.

My Thoughts: Best Procreate Alternative for Android

Before you begin using any of these apps or pay for the pro or the premium version for that particular application, I would highly recommend using their free trial first. Use that for a couple of days and see if it fits your requirement. If it does you are on the right path, drop that one and choose another app to create that masterpiece!

Is there an app like Procreate for Android?

Ibis Paint X is an app like procreate for android.

Will Procreate ever be on Android?

Nope, there won’t be any developer who will create a “procreate” for android.

Is Sketchbook better than Procreate?

Sketchbook has more advanced options for refining your work.

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