Beyond the Gorilla: Create an Eye-Catching Car Lot


Few places are more difficult to promote than a car dealership. With competitors often located side-by-side along a highway, it’s challenging but essential to making your lot stand out from the others and attract potential buyers. Unfortunately, many lots don’t look beyond the same tired tactics, relying on balloons and giant inflatables (gorilla, anyone?) to try and bring in buyers.

Sound familiar?  If so, it’s time to kick King Kong off your lot. Today’s promotional products are designed to draw customers to your dealership through bold colors, movement, and custom designs. These elements can be used alone or together to give the lot a coordinated, inviting appearance.

Below are some of the auto dealer supplies available to help your lot stand out from the crowd:

Feather Flags

These simple flags have an eye-catching shape and are fast and easy to place on the lot.  They can be mounted on the ground or to car wheelbases. Best of all, they’re designed to be easy to move so you can change the configuration as often as needed. They come in a variety of designs and can also be customized with your logo or slogan.

Air Dancers

Also known as inflatable tube men, this product makes that old standby gorilla look pretty boring. At 20 feet tall, they are easily visible and attract attention by constantly moving. They come in several styles, with customization also available.

Light Pole Banners

Take advantage of the light poles in your lot and decorate them with a customized banner. It’s an easy way to advertise your brand and improve the look of your lot, too.

Vinyl Banners

Hanging a large banner on the side of your building is an easy way to advertise specials. The bright colors attract the attention of people driving by, drawing them to your lot.

Clip-On Flags

These small flags can make a big impression. They attach to the windows of the cars on your lot and are easy to remove or change. You can get American flags or order a design that’s been customized for your dealership.

All of these different options in auto dealer supplies make it easy to set up a car lot that looks attractive from the road. They’ll also help you create a more welcoming atmosphere at your dealership so that customers feel comfortable enough to stay and shop. Time to kiss that gorilla goodbye.

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