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BigCommerce vs Shopify – what to choose in 2022

Ecommerce giants BigCommerce and Shopify partners have each earned their place at the top of their respective industries. There are so many great platforms to choose from that it can be difficult to know which one is right for your online business.

BigCommerce vs Shopify

One of the most often asked questions regarding BigCommerce and Shopify is the cost. Both provide free trial periods for new customers. When it comes to price, there are a few distinctions between Shopify and BigCommerce.

Pricing for BigCommerce
Cost per month: $29,95
Pro: $299,95 per month

Pricing for Shopify

Lite: $9 a month / year
Pro: $29/month
Shopify Professional: $299/month

Customer service
Regardless of the platform you pick, you’ll be able to access identical support services.

How to choose a B2B e-commerce marketplace solution?

BigCommerce Customer Support

A 10-minute phone call will be set up for you after signing up for a free trial on BigCommerce.
BigCommerce, on the other hand, prioritizes customers that sign up for the company’s enterprise plan. You’ll be able to make use of BigCommerce’s onboarding experts and customer service representatives over the phone.

BigCommerce vs Shopify - what to choose in 2022 1

Shopify’s Help Center
In comparison to Shopify’s support centre, BigCommerce is a little more difficult to utilize. In Shopify, each part is neatly labelled and categorized. Shopify’s customer service team may also be reached via social media, but BigCommerce cannot. As soon as you ask for assistance in the Shopify editor, you’ll be sent to a relevant page in the Shopify knowledge centre. In this regard, Shopify has an advantage over BigCommerce.

Even while it’s encouraging to see your shop run well, you also want to make it visually appealing so that people feel compelled to buy.

Themes for BigCommerce
Industries, layouts, and prices all factor into the BigCommerce theme search. If you’re looking for more than just a few sectors to pick from, Shopify is the better option. It’s not ideal if you’re hoping to expand your business over the long run if your BigCommerce free themes appear a touch outdated, Priced between $150 and $300, these aren’t cheap.

Themes for Shopify Stores
The prices of Shopify themes range from $100 to $180 and cover a wide variety of sectors and design preferences. Searching by layout, size of shop, industry, navigation style, and more makes it easy to choose the appropriate theme. All of Shopify’s themes are current and professional, regardless of whether they are free or premium. With Shopify’s themes, you may customize your site to the fullest extent.

In the end, BigCommerce and Shopify are strong competitors as store-building platforms, but with Shopify, you will get the right pricing plan, theme options and support that contributes to the seamless functioning of your online store. With the right Shopify partners, you can set up your eCommerce store effortlessly!

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