BOULT Launched Its First Collection Of Removable Straps

BOULT Launched Its First Collection Of Removable Straps

With the release of its first collection of replaceable straps, BOULT, India’s fastest-growing wearable business, gives customers unprecedented control over the look and feel of their smartwatches. BOULT customers may easily update their watch’s look for every occasion with nine different straps, seven in the 22mm size and two in the 44mm size. Now, with the launch of these adaptable bands, BOULT hopes to provide consumers a new way to make their smartwatch their own.

BOULT 22mm Silver Metal Strap

The 22mm Silver Metal Strap by BOULT is the height of class and adaptability for only INR 399. Its adjustable metal links make it suitable for use on wrists of varying circumferences. The superior metal finish and simple one-click secure clasp keep your smartwatch in place while elevating your wristwear game.

BOULT 22mm Brown Magnetic Silicone Strap

The 22mm Brown Magnetic Silicone Strap is a great value at only INR 499 (about $5). Its magnetic enclosure offers the highest level of portability, making it ideal for physically active people. The strap was made to last, so it resists water and has a sleek design. The brown color gives your smartwatch an inviting feel.

BOULT 22mm Black Leather Strap

BOULT’s 22mm Black Leather Strap is the perfect accessory to dress up your smartwatch. This strap is the ideal complement to your BOULT Crown R Pro, BOULT Rover Pro, BOULT Drift Pro, or any other BOULT model thanks to its combination of class and resilience. The high-quality leather finish and meticulous premium stitching demonstrate your refined taste. This strap may be fastened with a simple pinch-and-slide motion. It enhances your smartwatch with a classic style.

22mm Black High Strength Silicone Strap

The 22mm Black High Strength Silicone Strap is built to last and looks great doing it. It can be yours for only INR 249. This strap is resistant to water and can be adjusted to fit a variety of BOULT smartwatches. Quality workmanship with silicone material provides long life and ease of use. The strap is gentle on the skin and can take a beating and still look great.

22mm Black Magnetic Metal Chain Strap

The 22mm Black Magnetic Metal Chain Strap is a statement piece that can be yours for only INR 449. The braided metal pattern on this strap is both modern and sophisticated. The magnetic buckle offers unmatched ease of use and safety. No overlapping clasps or buckles to worry about, and an extremely lightweight design make this bracelet a breeze to wear. Benefit from an almost unlimited range of customization options.

22mm White Sports Silicone Strap

The White Sports Silicone 22mm Strap will help you look great as you work up a sweat for just INR 299. This strap’s Hi Qual Silicon construction offers water resistance and pliability, making it ideal for those with busy lives. The holes in the compression-molded strap allow for more airflow, making it ideal for physical activity. It’ll keep you ready for anything thanks to its athletic style, long lifespan, and comfortable fit.

22mm Black Groovy Silicone Strap

The 22mm Black Groovy Silicone Strap, for a price of INR 249, provides the utmost in switch, snap, and style. This strap can withstand moisture and has a lot of give. It has a superb rubberized fit thanks to the silicone material and diagonal grooves. Its sporty silhouette swoops gracefully around your wrist, making it a go-to accessory no matter the event.

44mm Orange Wave Silicone Strap

The BOULT Crown and BOULT Dive Evo smartwatches are compatible with the 44mm Orange Wave Silicone Strap, which retails for INR 299 and is an excellent option for individuals with bigger wrists. It’s perfect for physically active people because of its tubular shape, which allows for optimum elasticity and comfort. The silver clip can be adjusted for a snug fit, and the strap’s snug fit assures it won’t come loose. Made from the finest silicone, it can take a beating and keep on ticking.

44mm Blue Magnetic Buckle Silicone Strap

The 44mm Blue Magnetic Buckle Silicone Strap is a stylish addition to any athletic watch. For 499 Indian Rupees The magnetic closure is quite practical, since it snaps into place with no effort. This strap was expertly fashioned from Hi Qual Silicone, resulting in a rubberized smoothness and extreme pliability. The stretchable material allows it to conform to your wrist for a snug, secure fit every time.

Designed with the user in mind, BOULT straps strike a balance between form and function, enabling you to personalize your smartwatch to suit your style and needs.

Note that all BOULT smartwatches with a 22mm lug width—including the Crown R Pro, Crown R, Crown X, Sterling Pro, Rover Ultra, Rover Pro, Rover, Drift+, Drift, Drift Pro, Dive Pro, Dive+, Cosmic Striker, Striker+, Striker Pro, Ripple, Ripple Pro, and Rover Ultra—are compatible with all 22mm BOULT straps.

BOULT Crown and BOULT Dive Evo smartwatches may use any 44mm strap.

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