Acer Nitro V Launched – The Next Generation Of Gaming

Acer Nitro V

Acer, a forerunner in the gaming PC industry, has just released the Nitro V, a new gaming laptop. This new addition has cutting-edge capabilities and improved performance to provide a more satisfying gaming experience. The incredible NVIDIA® GeForce® RTXTM 4050 GPU is included, along with 6GB of its own GDDR6 VRAM. This setup, together with a refresh rate of 144Hz, guarantees outstanding and fluid gaming. The 3ms overdrive reaction time further enhances the gamer’s feeling of immersion. NVIDIA® GeForce® RTXTM 3050 and NVIDIA® GeForce® RTXTM 2050 graphics are also included in the Nitro V and will be made available at a later time.

Acer Nitro V Features and specs

The newest 13th Generation Intel Core i5 CPU lies at the heart of the Nitro V, allowing for fluid multitasking and blisteringly fast processing capabilities. This laptop has a 15-inch IPS (In-Plane Switching) display, making for a vivid and lifelike gaming experience. The Nitro V’s dual-fan, dual-intake cooling system allows it to run at maximum efficiency without throttling the CPU or GPU, guaranteeing top performance in games.

The Nitro V’s emphasis on AI is one of its most distinctive aspects. Acer’s Purified View and Purified Voice AI-powered noise reduction technologies are included. With this innovation, gamers may feel as if they are in the cockpit of a spacecraft since the sound is so realistically reproduced.

The laptop also has a plethora of other technologies, such as Wi-Fi 6, HDMI 2.1, and Thunderbolt 4. These features make it simple for players to hook up their own screens and controllers, allowing for a lag-free and hassle-free gaming experience. DDR5 storage slots and additional memory slots boost the laptop’s performance even more by allowing for quicker data access and transfer speeds.

According to Acer India’s Chief Business Officer Sudhir Goel, “The Nitro gaming series has garnered immense popularity within the gaming community, standing as a testament to its exceptional blend of power, performance, and aesthetic appeal” (The Nitro V Series). With the release of the Nitro V, Acer has once again raised the bar for what regular laptop gamers may expect. With its improved functionality, new features, and unsurpassed immersion, this newest edition is a great balance of quality and value. With the Nitro V Series, we are excited to reimagine the possibilities of gaming laptops and provide gamers with the tools they need to excel.

Acer Nitro V Price and Availability

Available at all Acer exclusive locations, the Acer online store, Amazon, Flipkart, and Multi-brand retailers, the brand-new Nitro V has a starting price of Rs.76990.

About Acer

Acer was established in 1976, and now it ranks among the top ICT firms in the world, with a presence in more than 160 countries. Future-focused Acer is working to pave the way for a convergence of hardware, software, and services that will benefit both consumers and enterprises. More than seven thousand Acer workers work tirelessly to develop, promote, sell, and support cutting-edge technology that bridges the gap between people and the digital world in areas as diverse as service-oriented technologies, the Internet of Things, gaming, and virtual reality. To learn more, check out

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