ASUS India Opens Its Second “Select Store” In Kolkata

ASUS India Opens Its Second "Select Store" In Kolkata

Following the success of its first ‘Select Store’ in Delhi, ASUS India has announced the opening of a second such store, this time in Kolkata. The Select Store will showcase a wide variety of ASUS goods, including consumer laptops, gaming PCs, creator series laptops, desktops, and more, all of which have been previously owned and are in excellent condition.

All goods on display have passed through ASUS’s rigorous testing and restoration process and are certified as working as well as a brand-new model. Additionally, the goods come with a one-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

The ASUS Select Store has opened in Kolkata, and we have some thoughts about it. The ASUS System Business APAC General Manager is Peter Chang. The launch of Select Store is yet another success for ASUS in its mission to spread eco-friendly business practices across the industry. By actively incorporating eco-friendly packaging and working with recycling companies to ensure proper disposal of e-waste, as well as introducing state-of-the-art technology to bring in more sustainable practices, we have been able to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. ASUS aspires to lead the industry in adopting environmentally friendly business practices and providing exceptional customer service.

The success of our Select Store in Delhi has prompted us to open more locations around the nation. Our goal for 2023 is to increase the number of Select Stores we operate; we are thus thrilled to announce the opening of a second Select Store in Kolkata.

“While companies are navigating towards sales driven solely through online channels, we at ASUS understand that the retail stores are equally important for a customer acquisition and sales strategy,” said Arnold Su, Business Head, Consumer and Gaming PC, System Business Group. We’ve seen a significant increase in prospective sales since we gave customers a way to try out the items. 

We anticipated a boom in the market for pre-owned gadgets in India, so we launched the first Select Stores there. We realized that people want high-quality laptops and computers that have been subjected to stringent quality controls. ASUS Select Store was created with the intention of bolstering India’s refurbished electronics sector by providing “quality products that are as good as brand-new at 20-30% less cost and 1 year company warranty.”

The Select Stores in Kolkata combine cutting-edge architecture with an inviting atmosphere to tempt customers to peruse the many reconditioned ASUS items on offer. Moreover, the shops’ ASUS-trained sales staff members are well-versed in customer needs analysis, product recommendation, product knowledge dissemination, and inspection process breakdown. 

The ASUS Select Stores are an important step toward a more sustainable future since they further the company’s goal of reducing e-waste by giving consumers access to high-quality items at reasonable costs. The organization is committed to sustainability and uses cutting-edge technology to implement sustainable practices across the board. Reducing emissions, using recyclable materials for packaging, and working with recycling companies are all examples of ecologically responsible actions.

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