New EPOS IMPACT 1000 Series Launched With Excellence Noise Cancellation

EPOS IMPACT 1000 Series Launched With Excellence Noise Cancellation

IMPACT 1000 Series, a breakthrough range of headsets combining cutting-edge machine learning, has been released in India by EPOS, a worldwide audio company. At InfoComm 2023, the world’s leading showcase for audiovisual and integrated experience solutions, this ground-breaking innovation was shown off to industry leaders and tech aficionados. Those interested in the newest developments in the audio and video industries gathered at the Jio Convention Centre in Mumbai for this event.

The IMPACT 1000 Series is the first headset to be built specifically to handle the unique problems of making and receiving calls in today’s more open office environments. These headsets, which use machine learning, are perfect for professionals in a wide variety of fields because of the exceptional sound quality, effective noise cancellation, and customizable features they provide.

Ms. Dorthe Jensen, Vice President Global Marketing EPOS, said, “Infocomm 2023 has been an incredible platform for us to engage with the delegates and share our latest technologies.” The crowds who went to our exhibit to ask questions and try out our wares in person were an incredible source of motivation. Thanks to this gathering, we’re even more determined to advance audio technology and provide extraordinary events for industry experts.

“InfoComm 2023 stands as a pivotal industry gathering, capturing the interest of significant delegates who converge to observe the latest innovations molding the current and future landscapes of audio technology,” stated Mr. Sudeep Roy, Sales Director EPOS India. We’re excited to show you our new IMPACT 1000 series innovative headset. This line of products was developed to help people hear and understand one another, especially in busy places, reducing mental strain for everyone involved. The EPOS AITM technology that powers our hybrid adaptive ANC and adaptive voice pickup is responsible for this breakthrough.

EPOS displayed a wide variety of innovative product portfolios, such as Meeting Room Solutions, wired and wireless headsets, and speaker phones, in keeping with their promise to change the technological possibilities available to businesses today.

About EPOS

EPOS creates, produces, and distributes state-of-the-art audio and video systems to corporate clients all over the globe. EPOS uses decades of study in the field of psychoacoustics to provide audio and video solutions with custom algorithms and acoustics that optimize cognitive performance, allowing business professionals to maintain focus and efficiency while interacting with one another. EPOS is a worldwide audio technology company with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark with offices and partners in more than 60 countries. It is owned by Demant, the world’s largest hearing healthcare and audio technology organization.

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