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The final step of any project is to present your findings to the customer or team. No matter where you work and in whatever capacity, if the final step is not done properly, it can ruin your work completely and can result in huge losses. Presenting the findings in an effective way is one the key step for successful project completion. It is not always easy to present years of hard work for everyone. However, you do not need to be an artist for doing this. It requires a lot of effort and knowledge to build the skills required. Data visualization is a key skill for presenting your findings in terms of graphs, tables, or maps. It makes data presentation very easy for you and the team to understand the trends in data and discuss the outcome.

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You need to develop your data visualization skills on one of the tools. Various tools like Power BI, Tableau, FusionChart, Infogram, Google Charts provide ways to visualize data efficiently. However, you may not need to learn each tool, rather select one of the tools and start developing visualization skills. Although all tools provide similar features, the selection of the tools is very important as it may help you with specific analysis easily. The current article concentrates on Power BI and the best Power BI courses you can take online.

Power BI, used across many organizations, is developed by Microsoft. The key benefit of the tool is the ability to connect to various data sources. Dynamic reporting, custom dashboards, connectivity with office tools, and azure data lake are some of the features that give an edge to Power BI over other tools. More importantly, it offers a free desktop version with limited features for learning purposes. Once convinced with the tool and features, one can opt for the pro version with a nominal monthly subscription fee. Active support from Microsoft and a big community makes it more attractive.

Every tool has its pros and cons, Power BI is no exception. Though Power BI is a reliable tool with good features, it does have some limitations. One requires to understand all the features and limitations of the tool before starting to use it on actual projects. One may either start learning Power BI and explore its features or limitations by himself. It does take time and effort but it is fruitful and one can develop skills while learning which are helpful at later stages. However, learning may be limited and slow due to a lack of good dummy projects or examples to work on.

Another way around is to look for resources available online either free or with a minimum fee. Let us look at it in the upcoming section.

Resources to learn Power BI Online

With carefully selected training courses, you can learn Power BI in shorter lead time and minimum efforts. Later on, you can practice the learned concept to reach it to an expert level. If you do want to opt-out for a training course, there are a handful of Power BI training courses offered by various institutes. Some of them also provide you with certification once the course is completed.

  1. Power BI Certification Training Course, Simplilearn

Offered by Simplilearn, this certification training would not require any prerequisite to enrol. It is applicable to people who want to use Power BI tools for creating customized reports. It is suitable for data specialists working in various capacities such as data scientists, business analysts or data analysts, or any sort of data visualization role.

Training will start by taking you through the basic concepts of data visualization using Power BI tools. You will understand different aspects of data such as preparing, processing, and presenting data effectively and efficiently.  You will also go through Power BI basic layout, dashboard, commands, and functions. This training course enables you to fully utilize the features of Power BI to the best of its capacity. After the course, you would be able to solve business problems easily, develop dashboards, and publish data insights to various stakeholders using Power BI. In short, you would master all the important aspects of data visualization and have a competitive edge over your colleagues.

  1. Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI, EdX

The advantage of this course is that you will learn directly from the Power BI product team. Training consists of a series of lectures and short videos coupled with quizzes, demos and lab tutorials. This training is designed to take you through data connecting data sources, importing data, report generation, and report publication. It also trains you to create a dashboard and share it on the web or mobile devices. Moreover financial assistance for training and certification.

Concepts and fundamentals covered in course also include scheduling automated refresh of your reports, natural language queries, real-time dashboards, etc.

  1. Getting Started with Power BI Desktop, Coursera

This course is specifically suitable for newcomers who want to get started in data visualization with the Power BI Desktop. Having no prerequisites, any data analysis candidate should be able to go through the training project with ease. With only a 2-hour long project-based course, beginners can learn the basics of Power BI tools such as importing, processing, and visualizing the data to get detailed insights and identify trends in data.

  1. Power BI Essential Training (2019), LinkedIn Learning

This intermediate-level course lets you learn insights from your data using Power BI. In this course, the instructor helps to use Power BI for importing data, creating a visualization, comprehensive reports, and methods to share the reports on the dashboard. This course also covers the Power BI mobile and has interactive question and answer sessions.  Additionally, this course helps you with using data modeling capabilities in Power BI Desktop.


Presenting your work at the end of a project is very crucial to the success of any project. It is regardless of the field you are working in. At some point of time, you have to present your findings to stakeholders.  Some professionals have built-in skills and have competitive advantages, However rest of the professionals require to gain the skills for a successful career.

You can develop visualization skills by going through various online courses. Courses are usually designed in such a manner by industry experts that you can easily develop a good understanding of fundamentals and key concepts of visualization. In no time you would gain skills equivalent to a professional and start delivering excellent reports.

Moreover, with the advent of cloud and big data, Power BI is becoming very popular among data specialists specifically with data scientists. This is due to the ease of visualization, data organization, and reporting data insights.

In conclusion, it is highly recommended to go through online training in data visualization using Power BI.

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