Bovaro – Wristwatch Power Bank with Re-Tractable Cable and Torch

Bovaro - Wristwatch Power Bank with Re-Tractable Cable and Torch 1

Just imagine a situation when you are expecting a very important business call and your phone goes off and maybe you are in the middle of some work and your phone runs out of battery. At those crucial time, the only thing you think about is a Power Bank. If you are travelling in the dark, then the one thing you need is a Flashlight. Wouldn’t it be perfect if we have a single device for both the purpose?

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Here comes the first elegant and casual wristwatch Bovaro. It’s not just a usual smartwatch. It is something different, something truly useful in everyday life. It is an emergency power bank with incorporated retractable cable and two powerful flashlights.

How does it Work?

Its working is quite simple. For charging your device, you can easily connect Bovaro’s retractable cable with your mobile phone or the device you want to charge. For charging Bovaro Elios, just place it on its charging base and it will decide whether to recharge itself or not.

In dimly lit areas or in absence of light, you can use its dual torch setup. Elinos has two built-in torches- Dial torch and Frontal torch. The torch on the dial makes a less powerful light, with a wide radius to illuminate for a while a wide area in front of you. The frontal torch has more powerful light, with a more concentrated light and a smaller radius.


  • Stainless steel case with dial diameter 42mm and thickness 12mm.
  • Watch strap matte black surface durable and comfortable to wear.
  • Quartz analogue movement
  • Emergency power bank with incorporated retractable cable.
  • It also has a hooking system.
  • It has an elegant look.

Why should you Buy it?

Bovaro - Wristwatch Power Bank

It’s a three in one device. It has an interchangeable adapter that means you can recharge not only your smartphones but whatever device you want to like E-cig, Go-Pro, MP3, etc. Three modes of light intensities are also available in torches. Moreover, it looks stylish and is very convenient to carry and use.


Bovaro wristwatch is available on, at a minimal price of 138 USD. So, grab it ASAP.

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