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Buy Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer with Infrared Reading on Banggood


iHealth Infrared Thermometer is a product by iHealth, a Xiaomi cooperation brand. It is a non contact digital infrared temperature measurement device that measures the temperature of forehead. The non-contact design makes the device more sanitize. It is very safe for baby kids as there is no danger of breaking the glass or swallowing the mercury. This thermometer accurately measures the body temperature and is a reliable device.

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It comes with inner German hyman sensor which helps to accurately measure the thermometer by infrared of the body emit. It is equipped with a greenhouse and environment temperature compensation sensor which helps to perceive the real time changes in the environment. Unlike other traditional mercury-based thermometer, the iHealth Infrared Thermometer is quick and easy to use. The thermometer reads within 1 second and once the test is complete the device vibrates just to remind that the testing is complete.

Buy Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer with Infrared Reading

iHealth Infrared Thermometer gives you the option to choose the unit of temperature ( degree Celsius or degree Fahrenheit). The users just need to hold the key for 10 seconds to select the unit of their preference. It comes with a LED large screen display where the users can read the readings clearly. The device is powered by 2 Pcs of AAA batteries power supply

The package contains:

1 x Xiaomi iHealth Temperature
1 x 2pcs AAA
1 x Xiaomi Instruction

Price & Offers:

Buy Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer with Infrared ReadingThe price of his thermometer is only for Rs. 2,771.34 and the product will be delivered to you without any shipping charges. It comes with a 14-day refund and replacement window.

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Why should one go for?

Buy Xiaomi iHealth Thermometer with Infrared ReadingThe thermometer is different than the traditional thermometers available in the market. Most importantly it is safe and hygienic as compared to mercury thermometer. I really believe that the simplicity of this product is the most ideal for someone who is in a fever situation.

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