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Xiaomi Youpin Smart Heating Jacket – Best Smart Clothes for Winter 2024

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Have you ever imagined of getting yourself an intelligent jacket that might feature intelligent heating? Well, here is the good news from the brand Xiaomi Youpin. The brand launches an Intelligent Down Jacket with IP64. This Xiaomi Heating Jacket will help you to survive in extreme winter temperature.

Xiaomi Youpin Smart Heating Jacket Features:


  1. It is a temperature-controlled down jacket and comes with 90% goose down padding.
  2. It is a washable jacket, both hand washing and machine washing are suitable.
  3. It comes with Heatex temperature-controlled heating technology.
  4. It is a level 4 water repellent jacket.
  5. The jacket support fast charging. It is suitable for power banks like:
  6. Original Xiaomi New 10000mAh Power Bank 2
  7. Original Xiaomi 10000mAh Pro Power Bank
  8. Original Xiaomi 2C 20000mAh Power Bank
  9. Original ZMI 10000mAh Quick Charging Power Bank
  10. Original ZMI 5000mAh Mini Power Bank
  11. Original ZMI 10000mAh Power Bank
  12. Original ZMI 15000mAh Quick Charging Power Bank
  13. Original Xiaomi Power Bank 2
  14. And other quick Charging Power Bank
  15. The heating time of the jacket is affected by room temperature and power bank.

Xiaomi Youpin Heating Jacket Specification:

Brand 90FUN
Source From Xiaomi Youpin
Inner cloth 100% polyester
Face cloth 100% polyester
Filler Gray goose down
Rated voltage 5V / 9V
Rated power 7W / 13.5W
Heating zone 2
Regional location Neck, waist
Gear adjustment 2 modes
High-temperature gear 50℃
Low-temperature gear 40℃
Power supply interface USB
Waterproof grade IP64



  1. The on/off operation can be performed by long-pressing the button(situated at the bottom of the jacket) for2 seconds.
  2. After the first step, red light is on and the boot is successful and default 50 degrees Celsius output.
  3. For gear shift, short press the same button, the low temperature(40 degree Celsius) file is represented by orange color and the high temperature(50 degree Celsius) file shows red.

The package contains: 90FUN Men Down Jacket (Without Power Bank)

Size Chart:


Code 165/84A 170/88A 175/92A 180/96A 185/100A
①Collar 24cm 24.5cm 25cm 25.5cm 26cm
②Shoulder width 45cm 46cm 47cm 48cm 49.2cm
③Bust 53cm 55cm 57cm 59cm 61cm
④Sleeve length 74.6cm 75.8cm 77cm 78.2cm 79.4cm
⑤The back middle length 67cm 69cm 71cm 73cm 75cm

Xiaomi Heating Jacket Price:

The original price of the jacket id Rs. 21,609.26 but currently it is available for Rs. 13,620.77

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