Buyer’s Guide: How to Buy a Smart Watch Online

How to Buy a Smart Watch Online

A smart watch is more than just a device that keeps time and offers a few additional functions – you can control almost your entire world of communication, all from just this device. Big names such as Samsung and Apple are at virtual war with each other as to who will gain a bigger share of the market, and more traditional watchmakers such as Fossil and Tag Heuer have also jumped in to try their might here. Not to be outdone, dozens of upstarts have their own version of the smart watch, and what started out to be an almost exclusive device of big brands, has now evolved into a competition of features and prices.

The battle of the Smart Watches is on in full swing, and your wrist is in demand by all major names in the market. As a buyer, though, what should you really look for when choosing a smart watch, especially when buying online? These tips will help you choose the right device, based on the functionality and features you’re looking for, and of course your budget.

The Purpose Of Your Smart Watch

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There is little or no point in going ahead with the hunt for a smart watch if you’re not really sure why you want to get one. Spend a while and think – do you want to get a smart watch just because it is in trend? Or do you plan to use it to control music while on the go? Are you a busy professional who has to keep a tab on messages at all times? Or do you want a smart phone that can work independently of a phone? Further, still, does your device need to double up as a heart rate monitor or a pedometer? Once you’ve identified the purpose of your smart watch, it becomes much easier to choose one.

Short-Listing Your Selection

With so many brands in the market, which do you really choose? On one hand, you have the reliability of a renowned brand. On the other hand, you have the perfect price in a less known brand. Well, the best way to make your selection is to choose based on technical specifications as well as on information as to how well those specifications match your requirements.

To begin with, short-list smart watches only after confirming that they will work with your specific smart phone. Your device should be compatible with your phone’s operating system should ideally be the perfect companion to your smart phone. While the Apple Watch works only with the iPhone, most Android watches work with other operating systems too.

Check on battery life. If possible, choose watches with e-paper displays since they tend to last longer with each charge. On the other hand, if you choose a smart watch with a high-end display with richer color, you will need to trade off battery life for this feature. Most bright displays use so much power that the screens turn off when they are not in use. However, the ideal smart watch should continue to show the time even when you’re not actively using it.

Choose the interface you prefer – buttons or a touch screen. While you may jump at the chance to get a watch with a touch screen, your choice should again be based on what you plan to use the watch for. For example, if you depend heavily on your watch, you’ll find it rather hard to navigate through items on a smaller display or to target them. Buttons, on the other hand, are simple to use although they are rather old school. For a blend of both worlds, choose a watch that has a combo of buttons and touch.

The design of the watches you short-list is important. You should have a decent range of strap choices, and the clasps should be easy to use or swap. After all, your smart watch is virtually part of your daily wear, so it should be customizable to suit each day’s needs.

If you’re a fitness buff, choose a smart watch with a GPS and a heart rate sensor so that it can serve you even when you’re out running. Many smart watch makers are trying to get ahead of their competitors by including activity monitoring systems, built-in pedometers, and voice features, making it easier for fitness buffs to handle their fitness routines smartly.

Last but certainly not the least, make sure that the smart watches you’ve short-listed have the apps you need, or at least allow you to add specific apps.
Once you’ve short-listed the smart watches that match your functional and feature requirements, sort them out by price. Decide on the combination of design and function that falls within your budget and choose a smart watch from the most reputed manufacturer. While you may be tempted to cut corners and go with a less-known name, remember that it makes much more sense to invest a bit higher in a smart watch that will last you for a long time, rather than to save a couple of hundreds on your purchase, only to spend much more later on repairs or replacement.

Hope this will help you to take a right decision to buy a Smartwatch. Stay tuned for more updates.

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