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How can help desk ticketing system be useful?

What software will take care of a huge client’ and customers’ database and keep it safe? Where to find reliable software to use in office and on mobile phones?

Every agent engaged in customer support service or in call centers is looking for reliable software to assist him in dealing with dozens of clients a day. Help desk ticketing system automates the whole process of dealing with customers and their requests and leaves agent in control of the situation.

The greatest solution on how to keep things in order is jitbit helpdesk that gives a great opportunity to organize your work and improve communication with customers. Every issue creates a task, every client is a task and agent is free to add PDF files and screenshots and emails or other sort of correspondence history and corresponding information. All data concerning your current ticket are given on one page and you don’t have to look elsewhere. Moreover, it is possible to perform “bulk” operations like merge or delete tickets, to assign multiple tasks to agents without even leaving the page. Also an agent can add categories as due date, responsible manager, status and look through statistics.

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Any agent is able to download an app and to continue working from any place and anytime as this software is web based and all information is safely stored on the server. Even with the slowest connection your app will be operating great. Only once you are paying for your help desk software and unlimited number of your agents are able to experience all benefits of this program. Within 1 year you will receive free updates and after you get great discounts.

Main features of help desk ticketing system

The main feature that helps to avoid manual work and saves a lot of time is that all tickets are assigned to categories and an agent can assign responsible team members, easily find the needed one, write reports using only required tickets. This software is also a set of built in reports that will assist you in evaluating your team performance and make building of your own reports easier. Implementation of this help desk ticketing system make all your clients happy with your performance and quick responses.

Another great benefit of this ticketing system software is Automation Rules which gives you possibility to avoid the most boring parts of assignments simply by using built in “if this do that” module. This help desk is multilingual and works with 18 languages. This is a great advantage if your business is international as your clients and customers from various parts of the world will appreciate this feature.

Help desk software was designed to make your life easier.

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