Car Health Care Takes a Step Forward With This Carot!

Car Health Care Takes a Step Forward With This Carot! 1

No this isn’t about Gajar 2.0. April Fools’ is here and we decide to do something different with it.  So we decided to collaborate with Carot, a smart solution for your car safety to bring you this product. And this Carot is magic! Only this time, it’s not blind faith.

Gajar 2.0 is not bringing you any luck. So for those who tried hanging it, here’s what you should hang instead. Let’s understand how this product exactly works. Carot is Introduced by Minda iConnect Pvt. Ltd, part of UNOMINDA Group, to bring you luck but with logic.

“You can simply insert an activated device into the port like you insert a memory stick into your laptop’s USB port! The device comes with a pre-installed SIM card through which it sends all the data it gets from car’s engine and its inbuilt sensors to our server where we analyse the data and provide you with the relevant information,” informs Ravi Jakhodia, CEO at Minda iConnect.

So what’s the buzz about?

The device is nothing ordinary. It has some exciting features which make it one of the most reliable options out there.

Car Health Care Takes a Step Forward With This Carot!

Inbuilt Accelerometer

This is a technology that detects any harsh driving event like breaking, acceleration, or a collision. So if it happens, you are informed on the app on your phone. Back up battery powers the device for more than an hour. This becomes extremely useful in providing crash alert even when the device may come out of the port due to the collision force.

Find Your Car

Carot picks your car’s location every few seconds. If you’re looking for your car in a particular location, you will know it simply by clicking a button. Now isn’t that simple?

Know Your Driver’s Behaviour

Ever wondered how your driver actually treats your car? Does he drive rash? Do you think he is using high acceleration? There’s a way to know all this now. Just install the device and the app does the rest for you. It notifies you about all these behaviours to keep you informed.

For our Travel Enthusiasts

How about a device that gives you a track of the routes you took last time you travelled? Not just that, it also tells you how many stops you took and gives you a complete trip-by-trip analysis with all the relevant statistics of your previous trips. This is exactly what Carot does. Plan better trips with Carot.

It’s not just magic. It’s logic too.

Don’t be a fool at the hands of reckless drives and inexperienced mechanics anymore. No your car more than anyone else does.

Be Carot Smart!

This April Fools’ save yourself from becoming one.

Get your Carot device today!

Try out Carot’s monthly subscription today!

You can also sign up for an annual subscription. 

Car Health Care Takes a Step Forward With This Carot!

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