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CashKaro! Awesome Blogger’s Event #TalkingCash

Hi Guys, in our daily routines these days online shopping is increasing day by day and so the competition among the various e-commerce sites. They all are giving a maximum amount of discounts to their users which will, in the end increasing their sales. But still, after so much added discounts and offers every consumer always wish to get little more benefit on their purchases.

CashKaro-Bloggers-Meet-Talking-CashSo, to give some additional benefits to the buyers, Cashkaro start their job. Before I start to talk about the CashKaro Bloggers Meet, let’s know more about CashKaro.

What is CashKaro.com?

CashKaro.com is the India’s biggest Cashback Website. CashKaro was founded by two entrepreneur Swati and Rohan Bhargava in 2013.The basic idea of this Company is to help users to save their money while shopping online. Now, there is more than 1500+ Online Retailer who is connected with Cashkaro. A user can just earn an extra amount of money in terms of cashback on each purchase.

How Cashkaro.com Works?

So to start getting cashback, you simply need to make an account on CashKaro, then browse your products from wherever you want to purchase them and proceed with your order. That’s it, your cashback will be credited to your account automatically. One more thing I want to mention is that cashback amount can be redeemed very easily via coupons or you can also transfer it to your bank account and use it as real cash.

So, this is how Cashkaro actually works. If you want to know more about CashKaro.com, you can visit their website and try it yourself and get some additional benefits on your online purchases.

Now, starting with the Cashkaro Blogger Event which was held on 5th of January 2017 at CashKaro Office. I was very excited to see the CashKaro Office and to meet the Founders of CashKaro.com. When I reached over there, all other bloggers from the different field are sitting under one roof. After few minutes Bloggers Meet #TalkingCash began with a conversation by an introduction of all the Bloggers and a quick intro about CashKaro.com. I am very surprised to know that Cashkaro is not just saving money by providing coupons but also giving it back in the form of some Real cash.
Then, CashKaro Co-founder Swati Bhargava talk’s about their journey from a simple cashback idea to becoming an Indian’s largest Cashback and Coupon providing Company. She also talked about how CashKaro works with their 1500+ merchant partners for cash back on every transaction and how Ratan Tata invested in CashKaro in January 2016 seeing the boost in the e-commerce sector.

After that, it’s time to know more about CashKaro Journey from Rohan Bhargava, Co-founder of Cashkaro.com. He told us about their journey with different merchant partners and discussed future plans of CashKaro.com. They are also planning to expand their reach through adding up more functionalities on their platform such as Price Comparison which can be used for more savings from the same purchase. I am really surprised to know about their platform where you are getting some REAL cash, not coupons. It is an innovative idea because the country which likes to save more, are now getting some extra saving that too in just a few extra clicks.

And last the fun time starts, CashKaro team has organized some exciting, fun activities for us. The first one is dumb charades game with some twist, now the game starts with all the bloggers in a single room and is divided into 3 groups. Now what you need to do is that you have to guess different ecommerce website’s names like FirstCry, Foodpanda, etc. Now that is something new! At the end of this game, no one wins because it was a tie. But at the end, the thing is we enjoyed a lot.

Now it’s time for a big game with an interesting concept that is #SpendLessSaveMore, where we have to spend less amount on buying 10 products and have to saves more. Believe me, that room is more likely converted to an in-house shopping center. But again it was a very interesting game. Everyone was busy in calculating the cashbacks and amount which they can save. Finally! Our group that is Group B wins with a large margin of savings. I just cannot express that feeling… J

After all the games, the last section was for personal interview of the blogger, where they have ask two questions that is “What would you do if you were stuck in a jungle without technology for two weeks?” and “What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say CashKaro?”, My first answer was “Can’t survive with technology” and the second one is pretty tough to me to describing it in one word, my answer was “buying,” as you were getting paid while shopping online.

Overall, it was an interesting and informative meet with Founders of CashKaro.com. Got to know more about the upcoming features and offers on Cashkaro.com. CashKaro is a very unique idea which is giving your savings some additional REAL Cash in your hand with each purchase.

So guys, hope after reading this you can start saving your money and get some best deals out of it.

CashKaro! Awesome Blogger’s Event #TalkingCash 1

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