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Charge Zero Kitchen Scale – Best Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale


It is important to have an accurate measurement when you bake, and therefore having a digital scale in the kitchen is essential and must to have tool. The Charge Zero Kitchen scale is a compact, multipurpose, and attractive looking scale for your kitchen requirements. The kitchen scale is specially designed to look elegant in your kitchen.

Charge Zero Kitchen Scale - Best Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale

The kitchen scale by the charge zero uses a proprietary charge zero technology, so the users do not need any external power or batteries for this device. The users only need to rotate the charge zero dial to power up the product. The kitchen scale comes with high precision sensors to ensure accurate results. The best part of the device is that it can measure all the units like gms, lb, oz, water-ml, and milk-ml.

Charge Zero Kitchen Scale - Best Kitchen Digital Weighing ScaleThe kitchen scale features a smart tare function that will let the users to easily calculate the weight of individual ingredients by subtracting the weight of the items already on scale. Just press the Tare button to weigh ingredients one by one. Users can view the readings of the measurement on a large LCD display. With the patented Charge Zero battery-free technology, Charge zero helps the users to take a small step towards a healthier environment.

Charge Zero Kitchen Scale - Best Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale


Charge Zero Kitchen Scale - Best Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale

The original price of the Charge Zero Kitchen Scale is Rs. 2990/- but as per the deal, this wonderful gadget is only available for Rs. 1490/-


The Charge Zero Kitchen Scale is an ideal kitchen gadget that provides accurate measurements along with overload and low power indication.

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