Chasing the Boredom Away: 8 Ways to Entertain Yourself While Commuting to Work


Nearly every working person commutes to work every day. The time spent commuting can range from under ten minutes to something like three hours. However much time you spend getting to and from your place of employment there are ways that you can take advantage of that time. Try some of these ideas and see if you can actually learn to enjoy your daily commute.

Educate Yourself

We live in the age of the podcast. Once viewed strictly as an element of hipster culture, the market for podcasts has grown and now has room enough for people from all walks of life. There is now a recurring podcast for nearly every topic under the sun.

If there has been something that you have been wanting to brush up on you should keep an eye out for a podcast that might cover that topic. While the market is rife with history, science, and political podcasts (all great educational topics) you can even get good content on topics like cooking or baking, or even a foreign language. If you are going to be traveling on public transit it will be a good idea to buy a good pair of headphones to let you hear your chosen educational content. Learn more here about the best headphones to buy.

Time To Plan

Stress is one of the things that everyone is trying to avoid on their way to work. While it may not be as obvious as simply listening to music, allocating some of your commute time to mentally planning your day can be therapeutic and surprisingly entertaining. Listening to soft music and going through everything that is going to happen in your day will help you prioritize and problem solve.

If you set aside a specific portion of your travel time and hold to it day after day you may find that your time spent working is more efficient as you have done the hard work of chewing through the potential monotony of planning before you even step into the office. You will be surprised how fast the time goes as you deliberately think over the challenges and opportunities your day will entail.

Talk To Friends

If your drive to work is turning into a drag and you are sick of listening to music or podcasts you might want to get more old fashioned: try talking to a human, it is healthy for you! If you are on a bus or train you could develop a very exciting habit of talking to strangers. This is not for everybody so it is more highly recommended that you talk to people you already know.

Most people are commuting to work around the same time, what is stopping you from calling your best friend from high school or even your neighbor from down the street? Getting better acquainted with people is often fascinating and uplifting. Nothing is quite the same as having a good laugh with a friend and this organic entertainment can set the tone for your whole day.

Themed Days

One struggle in being entertained during your commute is the amount of entertainment you have to dig up. Say you go to work five or six times a week and your drive is just under an hour. That means that you need at least five or six hours of entertainment stored up per week!  And that doesn’t even account for the drive home. If you only have a single resource to scrounge up that much air time you are going to find yourself going through repeat material.

One way to combat media fatigue is to set aside a single day, a few days, or even every day as having a specific theme. For example, (if you are so inclined) you can have Monday be “metal Monday” where your drive is filled with heavy metal music. Tuesday might be your day to listening to your Spanish language learning podcast. The possibilities are what you make of them, and by diversifying what you listen to you can find yourself looking forward to certain days.


This option for chasing boredom away may be the most effective, but it is only for those who aren’t driving themselves to work. If your method of commuting affords you access to your eyes and hands than you can take advantage of some of the terrific apps that are on the market place of most smartphone app stores. Click here to see a list of the hottest new games.

A tip for making the thrill of playing games on your way to work is to find something that is challenging. Some games designed for the smartphone are only good at entertaining for a few minutes at a time. This doesn’t do you any good day after day. Even something as common and old school as chess can be a good option at holding your attention and making your commute feel faster then it actually is.

Productive Entertainment

Another hand required idea for entertaining yourself on your way to work is to make the time productive. Make a list the night before of everything that you have been wanting to accomplish. It shouldn’t be anything to do with your job, but rather those miscellaneous things that seem to slip through the cracks of your day.

You may have been wanting to check out your favorite band’s new album. Use your commute to make sure you get the chance to do so. You may have been meaning to order more toilet paper online. Put that on your list. You will feel better about your day.

Learning New Skills

This one might seem funny at first but here it out. Skills like knitting or crocheting take time and a lot of practice. Time is a commodity that you have a lot of if you have a long commute. You could spend that time enriching your life by learning this skill. If crafty things aren’t really your forte then you can try something like a Rubik’s cube, work puzzles, or even magic tricks.

By challenging yourself and stretching your brain you are warming yourself up for a good day at work and being immersively entertained in a way that can carry over from day to day.

Makeup A Story

Get the creative juices flowing by picking out a few things that you notice on your commute and start imagining a story that revolves around them. If you see a woman in a scarf, a flying drone, and a little boy crying try to mold those three things into a coherent narrative. Have fun with it. Is the woman in a scarf secretly the crying boy’s mother? Is the drone being used to make sure the crying boy never meets his real mom? Going over the top with drama and hijinx will definitely make the time fly.

Wrap Up

Whatever you decide to do to be entertained on your commute, remember that the time will pass whether you are happy about it or not. The effort to make the most of that time will pay dividends in throughout your whole career and all the hours of commute that come with it.

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