Cheapest Bezel Less Phone 2017 – Bluboo S1 Specs, Price and Features


Bluboo, a Chinese manufacturer has launched the cheapest bezel-less smartphone named as “Bluboo s1”. The Bluboo s1 4G phablet is an interesting alternative for Xiaomi Mi Mix. The device has extremely narrow bezels allowing for more screen. It is an important design factor for consumers nowadays. The device has the most incredible features. Let’s have a look at its specifications.

Bluboo S1 Key features

Bluboo S1 price in india
  • The body of this device is made of metal and a plastic case, which gives it a quite impressive outlook.
  • The screen resolution is 1920×1080 pixels, which gives you a high-quality
  • It comes up with an octa core with 64 bits processor. The internal mechanism of this device is much better than any other devices at this affordable price.
  • The device has an amazing hardware quality. Bluboo supports 5GHz Processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, which is expandable up to 256GB.
  • The device has a 13 mp rear camera and 5 mp front camera with powerful clarity.
  • The device has a non-removable battery of 3500mAh, which will last for a day.


Bluboo S1 - Cheapest Bezel Less Phone

Bluboo s1 is an all-in-one device serving as both smartphone and tablet. It is designed with a large display that compliment screen-intensive activities such as browsing, multimedia viewing.  Having a tablet and a mobile phone separately will be difficult to manage and it will not be easy to carry them everywhere. Also, a separate tablet and a mobile phone will cost you more than a single phablet.

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Bluboo s1 is a light weighted device with all the promising features at an affordable price. One will definitely buy it. Go for it if you want the latest experience in one small package.


Bluboo s1 is exclusively available on at a very low price tag as they are giving a discount. The device is priced at $159.99 after 24% discount.

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  1. Looks very promising and low on price too. Hope they bring out the best in front of competitors.

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