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Optimus Popularis Keyboard

Everyone is aware of the general keyboard in which there are around 101-104 keys, that are simply the combination of alphabets, punctuation and numbers. But for the very first time, we have OPTIMUS POPULARIS keyboard from Art Lebedeu studio. This keyboard is a fully customizable keyboard with virtually limitless possibilities of button configuration.

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Optimus Popularis keyboard has a separated touchscreen behind the keys, allowing for a custom display behind each key.

The technology behind Optimus Popularis keyboard?

Optimus Popularis Keyboard Optimus Popularis Keyboard comes along with a configuration software. With the help of this software, you can assign any sort of function to any key, as well as create layers from within applications to give each key multiple functions.


  • There is a small LCD display between numerical keys functions keys that show information about weather, email, time etcetera.
  • Optimus Popularis is compatible with Windows and Mac system and connects via USB cable.
  • Dimensions of the keyboard are about 11.5 ×7.3×0.74″.
  • The body of the keyboard is made of aluminium and plastic.

Why should one go for Optimus Popularis keyboard?

Optimus Popularis Keyboard configuratorIf you are a gadget and tech freak, then this keyboard is a must have for you. The keyboard is not just a simple keyboard but it can also be used to give you a weather report, notifications about your email. So, keep updated with the things you like with the Optimus Popularis keyboard, the multipurpose keyboard will not disappoint you.


The product is available on the official site of Art The price of Optimus Popularis keyboard is $1500 USD. Grab it now to avail the special discount.

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