How to Make Online Learning Fun and Engaging?

How to Make Online Learning Fun

One of the greatest qualities of a human is to adapt to change. It has been two years since all the schools in India are working in an online environment. Classes, events, and activities are happening online. Students are trained online, assignments are submitted online, and even the exams are conducted online.

Various schools in the country are adapting various methodologies to increase student engagement and involvement in the classes. But, no matter how hard we try, our habit of comparing puts a big question mark on the success of the online classes.

Physical classes tend to teach students all the real-life skills, and students used to do the practicals in every subject. As a student, I was always excited when our teacher used to take us to the computer lab and teach us something fascinating. That one day of the week was enough for me to stay motivated and punctual in computer classes.

Now, as a computer teacher, I think of ways to develop the tools or websites that can help students do practicals, even in online classes. I have always believed that no one is too old or too young to learn things when it comes to learning. Having said that, to build upon students’ interests, I try to include tools that make my online class fun and engaging.

I tried to find different ways and tools to convert a sleepy, monotonous class into an exciting and fun-loving classroom. And, to help you save your time, I will be listing a few of these tools and ways in this article.


How to Make Online Learning Fun and Engaging?

1.Competitive Assessment through Blooket

This tool helps to conduct quiz-based assessments. This educational assessment tool lets you conduct your assessment in various game modes, including Crypto Hacker mode, Tower Defence, Battle Royale, Racing, Gold Quest, etcetera. My students often enjoy the Gold Quest game mode. For every correct answer, the participant gets a chance to open one of the 3 chests.

They can either swap gold from other participants or get 10% of the gold from any participants. The quest of getting maximum gold motivates students to answer the questions correctly and quickly. Imagine a class managed by a student!! You can even teach students how to create a quiz on Blooket so that they are excited to learn and create a quiz; hence, you promote learning by doing.

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2. VR Field Trips

Bring life to your classrooms; field trips are informal learning experiences that help the students get out into the world where the kids can explore the world as per their interests. Using VR Field Trips tools and websites, you can go on a virtual trip to museums, parks, historical sites and show students that even in online classes learning (and life) happens outside the classroom, too.

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3. Feedback through Padlet

“Be somebody who makes everyone feel like somebody.”

A student will participate in your classroom if you make them feel valued. So, let me ask you one of the most common questions that are frequently asked in interviews, “ How open are you to the feedback?”

Feedback is important as it helps us analyze so that we can come up with the best possible solution to perform better and who else is better suited to provide us feedback than the children we are teaching. Of course, you can create a feedback Padlet, and you can share it every week in your classroom with your kids so that they can shower love or criticism.

Still, you will work upon that, and you will improve, which will help the child understand that their words and suggestions matter and that they feel involved and important.

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My Thoughts

The key here is to let your class be student-driven rather than teacher-driven. Also, ensure that your e-learning content is easy to understand because learning without understanding has no meaning. I  hope these tips will give you a great foundation for building better online classrooms.

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