How to choose the best phone plan for your small business


With so many different phone plans and providers out there, how do you know which service is right for you and your business? Here are some things that you should consider before deciding on the best phone plan for your small business.

The first step in choosing a phone plan for your small business is to consider exactly what your business needs are. For example, where are you staff based? Do they staff need a landline, mobile phones or both? How much phone time do your staff need? What features do you want your phone system to have? Do you want call forwarding? What about voicemail?

If may also be worth spending some time researching exactly what your company’s phone usage has been over recent month. This can be done by studying your existing phone bills. For example, are you mainly calling local numbers, or making national calls? Are you calling mobiles or premium rate numbers? Where does the majority of your spend come from? Defining exactly what your business needs are will allow you to pick the package best suited to you and help prevent you from spending money on unnecessary features.   

The next thing that you should consider is the number of phones that you will want to be included in your plan. You should consider not only the number of phones you currently need, but also how many you are likely to need in the future. If you are expecting your business to grow, it is best to negotiate a plan which allows for this, rather than having to spend time and effort renegotiate your entire contract at a later date.

Another important factor is whether you want to keep your existing number. If your business is already established, or you have invested in signed, business cards and headed stationery, you may not want to change your number. However, if your business is new or, you are in the process of rebranding anyway, then you may be willing to change your number. The answer to this question may limit the number of potential providers, or the kinds of plans open to you. Having an answer to this question before you start looking at plans will save you a great deal of time.

Another factor to consider is the imminent rolling out of the National Broadband Network (NBA) across Australia, which is likely to render the traditional desk phone obsolete. Considering whether you want to invest in future proofing your business is something that every business owner should be considering.

One way to make sure you get the right deal for you is by speak to a specialist, such as one of Commander’s highly trained sales staff. Commander is an award-winning Business Telecommunications and IT Services provider, who specialise in providing state of the art telephone systems, both landline and mobile. You can check out their website here, or contact them to claim a free telecommunication audit and review. Let Commander help you pick the best business phones plans for your small business.

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