How to choose between a Managed vs Shared WordPress Host


If you are going to try and make it big in the internet marketing business, then the very first step that will be detrimental to your eventual success or failure in the business is your website. The website will be like your store as it will contain your products, and will have all the details about your products. And like any products in any business, one will have tricks and advertisements in order to appease to the customers. Also, aside from the common gimmicks and advertisements, one also needs to invest in the speed, quality, aesthetics of their store, in your case – your website.

For starters, your website will have to run through a host. It is like the foundation of your website; the piece of land that your store is built on. The host will be the one to accommodate all your products, advertisements, features, gimmicks, promos and other things. Thus, in order for your business to succeed, deciding on what kind of hosting plan you subscribe to is very important.

In this article, we will be providing you with simple and brief explanations of the two most common WordPress hosting plans. Managed and Shared WordPress hosts are the most common types of hosting plans. In fact, chances are very high that you will just end up choosing one of the two. The other types of hosting plans are actually born from these two categories with a few tweaks and added features.

Let us a do a brief Managed vs Shared Hosting comparison. First and the most important is the price. A shared host is the cheapest type of host while a managed WordPress host is slightly expensive. Second is the capability of the hosts. While managed hosts are expensive they also don’t fail with their services. They offer exclusive and sole use of the server’s bandwidth, storage, memory, and speed. Thus, you can be assured of the blitzing speed of the server with a managed hosting plan. Furthermore, you are not limited to storage and memory and can freely store all of your data on your website. On the other hand, shared hosts don’t offer these kind of benefits. What they offer is a spot on a server that is literally shared with other users. Meaning you are sharing and dividing the server’s resources with other users. Thus, if you have heavy data that needs to be stored, then a shared host might not be a good idea. However, if you are still experimenting with a business plan, then going for the shared host is the best way to save costs on your research and development expenses.

Security is also a big difference between the two hosting plans. With a managed host, you are the sole user who has access to your important stuff. Only you can grant and revoke access as well as only you can create several security layers for a complete lockdown of your most important data. As for shared hosts, security is definitely not their forte, with a shared space, information will also be inevitably shared whether intentionally or secretly done.

In conclusion, the final decision will still be up to you but managed hosts are the best if you want to invest with a long-term mindset. However, if you are still trying to figure things out and want to learn the ropes by yourself, then shared hosts can provide you with the best training, as they offer complete freedom and will limit your resources which will definitely bring you a good challenge.

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