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Useful Tips Before Choosing a Domain Name that Works

Your domain represents your businesses’ brand and online identity – it will be synonymous with your values and goals. Once your site is online, it will inevitably be permanent with cached copies and snapshots. Therefore before choosing a domain name it is very important to think a lot as it is a very technical and a one-shot thing.

As you know, you’ll be using your domain name in many facets of your business, including email communications, social channels, digital ads, and others. You’ll share your domain name any time anyone wants to visit your website and learn more. Needless to say, you need to accomplish domain registration after sound planning.

Since your domain is very visible, it’s vital to get it right. You also have the option of changing your domain name if you think that it’s not working, although you’re risking your online identity and any established SEO advantage.

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All of the above makes it crucial to spend as much time and effort as necessary when looking for a domain name that will stay with your business for its lifetime. Here are a couple of tips that matter when choosing one.

Useful Tips Before Choosing a Domain Name that Works

Choosing a Domain Name
Choosing a Domain Name

Look for a brandable name. This is usually your businesses’ name. The domain name is what users will use to look for you online. To go toe-to-toe with your competitors and pique the interest of people, the name must either be unique, memorable, or better yet – both.

Your domain name is what your users will use to find you online. To beat your competition and pique the interest of your potential customers, you need a name that is unique and memorable.

Stay away from names that are too generic and can get lost in the crowd. Don’t use peculiar or cryptic names which can mislead people. Look for a domain extension that shows your industry. .COM domains are the go-to choices, although you can also consider others, such as.TECH,.STORE,.PRESS, and other versatile ones including.SITE and.ONLINE.

Utilize relevant keywords. Using good keywords that are related to your industry will make finding you easier for your target audience. It will boost your SEO and can lend more authenticity to your links. These will improve your Search Engine Page Results and send (more) organic traffic to your page.

In any case, don’t overdo it by cramming too many keywords as this can make your domain name unnecessarily long and suspicious to both search engines and users.

Make it short and simple. This overused tip is simply vital as long names are hard to remember, type, and prone to misspelling.

The general rule is to keep your domain name’s length to two-three words or no more than 18 characters. Don’t customize the spellings of words since this can confuse users when typing your domain name.

Hitting roadblocks when finding the right domain name is normal so don’t lose hope and keep at it until you find the right one. Make sure to accomplish domain registration from proven service providers to ensure that you’re getting the best deal and after-sales service. Support can be as important as the domain name itself.

When you see the right domain name, secure it ASAP by registering with a registrar. It’s a safe bet that someone else out there has the same idea or name as yours.

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