Clever Gadgets Which Can Keep You Warm In Winter Months

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Winter season is infamous for tagging along with an array of diseases and discomfort. Some people avoid the dip in mercury by traveling to sub-tropical regions but this surely cannot be considered to be a viable option for all. In such a scenario, some smart gadgets can keep you covered during the chilly winter mornings so that you can make the most of the first drizzle of snow without incurring frostbites.

  • USB Heating Blanket – You can power up this blanket featuring an internal heating pad through a USB connection for keeping you warm and cozy at all times. You can also wash the blanket easily by removing its heating pad through the zippered access.
  • Foot Warmer Floor mat– Keep your toes toasty by resting the same on this efficient floor mat which lets you feel the heat directly on your legs and feet. You can use it while sitting on the couch or using the computer to keep the winter bugs away.
  • USB Warmer Cushion – Place it on a chair after powering it up via USB to warm your bum in accordance with your requirements through the control dial. You can also charge it using the included AC charger.
  • USB Warmer Mouse – Warm up your hands while completing your school project coupled with the USB warmer mouse which comes with an internal heater producing steamy temperatures up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Heated Jacket –Rather than layering your look with multiple winters wears, you can go ahead with a rechargeable and wind-proof heated fleece jacket which can serve as the perfect option if you are planning to go skiing or hiking during the winter months. Available in different sizes, this jacket works through its micro-thin heating elements which provide adequate warmth in three different zones of the same.
  • Puffy Quilt With Stereo Headphones – Keep your ears warm while listening to your favourite tunes at the same time with this collapsible ear warmer which is crafted using thermal polyester for providing you with a cozy and comfortable feel at all times.
  • USB Heating Slippers – The cozy slip-ons feature a warming pad which generates heat through its USB port. You can set the level of heat according to your preference through the temperature switch after powering it on.
  • Cloth Dryer – If you are a winter sports fanatic then chances are high that your boots, gloves, and hat often get wet due to the sleet and snow. Coupled with a cloth dryer, you can dry all types of shoes, liners, gloves etc. with the Forced Air Technology which beats waiting overnight for the same to air dry. It can also eliminate unpleasant shoe odors and moisture which is infamous for causing fungal infections.
  • USB Cup warmer – Nothing can match up to the allure of sipping a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter morning. You can now ensure that your cup stays hot for long spans of time coupled with the USB cup warmer which is often accompanied with a digital clock. An alarm can be set for notifying you whenever the temperature of the warmer reaches your desired level.
  • Space Heater – Make those bitter winter days a bit more bearable with the portable space heater which can cater to a small and targeted corner of your house rather than dialing up the thermostat for your entire floor space.

Whether you wish to stay all snuggled up indoors or love to explore the outdoors during winter months, these cool gadgets can suffice to your diverse requirements at once so that you can get through the season in style.  Although winter comes with its own baggage of pros and cons, you can smartly make the most of its offerings with these effective tools which are bound to guarantee you a jolly good time as you prepare for the arrival of Father Christmas.

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