How cloud technology is transforming modern business

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In recent years, much has been published about the potential of cloud technologies to become the next great leap in business technologies. Cloud tech has heralded a new age for remote computing and given birth to a whole new side of the computer industry – one that offers truly exciting prospects for companies around the world.

As more businesses continue to move their computing requirements to cloud-based operations, so the scope and range of remote services will continue to diversify. Below is a quick guide to what cloud computing could do for you and how it might just transform your current business model.

What is cloud computing?

The term “cloud computing” refers to the delivery of remotely-based, scalable computer services, typically over the internet. Cloud technology offers remote storage, processing power and applications – all hosted on distant servers. As mobile communication speeds continue to increase – and with the imminent roll-out of 5G networks – it seems likely more and more companies will move their operations online and benefit from the considerable cost savings and powerful service provision offered by cloud tech.

The benefits of moving to the cloud

In essence, there’s nothing much new about the idea of using remotely-located computers – we’ve been doing that for years with web hosting and services like Dropbox. However, what has changed considerably with cloud servers is the idea of hosting apps and software on these computers. By using the cloud, companies can leverage the considerable power and storage capacity offered by remote machines to perform complex tasks that typically couldn’t be done on smaller devices. Moreover, the cloud centralizes a firm’s resources in one place, allowing access by multiple users in multiple locations.

In today’s world, we rely on our devices more than ever and mobile internet access now outstrips that of fixed-line connections. However, there are some major stumbling blocks with mobile computers – namely, processing power and storage capacity. Cloud computing augments the mobile experience by performing tasks and holding files remotely.

Cloud Technology is Transforming Modern Business

Without even realizing it, you probably already make use of cloud tech – examples include Netflix, Spotify, Gmail and Google Photos. In essence, any software that seemingly runs on a local machine – but that is actually processed remotely – relies on the cloud. Benefits include (but are not limited to):

Unlimited storage: As your storage requirements increase, so your space on cloud servers can scale-up to match requirements.

Processing power: Similarly, if you find your processing requirements increase, you will be able to draw on the vast power of remote servers and scale-up accordingly.

Virtual software: So long as they have an internet connection, clients can access software online and perform complex, processor-intensive operations using the power of remote computers.

Secure access, security and protection: Cybercrime is a massive problem these days and poses a significant threat to all companies around the world. By employing cloud-based network protection and systems like SASE, firms can mitigate the potential problems of unwarranted access or compromised data.

A completely scalable solution: No company stands still and a firm’s software and hardware requirements undoubtedly change over time. Rather than constantly trying to stay abreast of new tech or having to upgrade internal servers, with the cloud, companies can request increased service provision in seconds. Likewise, should your needs decrease, your cloud service can be reduced, adapting and scaling as and when you need it.

Reduced hardware and software costs: It’s in the interests of cloud service providers to utilize the best and fastest machines available so cloud companies are constantly upgrading their tech to stay current with modern innovations. Moreover, as resources are shared among multiple users, providers can drastically reduce the costs that companies traditionally would have incurred from having to constantly update or upgrade in-house servers.

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