What Are the Common Mistakes of Essays About Technology?

What Are the Common Mistakes of Essays About Technology

The student’s life is not so easy sometimes as it is necessary to write a lot of different essays dedicated to various topics. Some students find this task rather simple and write the required essays without special effort. But for other, it may be a real challenge, especially if to talk about the essays devoted to some technology subjects.

Usually, all the students have several common mistakes that prevent them from getting the highest scores. To avoid these writing mistakes is not so difficult, but you should be rather attentive. Here are some of the common mistakes of technology essays.

  • Improper spelling. While writing, you may miss some spelling mistakes. But as we live in the technology area, there are many special programs that will help to thoroughly check the spelling of your text. Besides that, the options of auto correction and spell checking are available. Nevertheless, in some cases, auto correction may use the wrong word. So mind that and always reread your text. Pay special attention to the abbreviations used in the essay. They should be spelled properly.
  • Grammar mistakes. Many students forget about grammar – the correct usage of tenses, appropriate prepositions and cases, etc. The technology essay should contain the entire word forms. Do not use different kinds of shortening. It is very important to keep the proper subject-verb agreement. Always check whether the subject of the sentence is in singular or in the plural form and according to that use the appropriate form of the verb.
  • Tautology. It concerns not only the separate words but also the whole sentences. If the essay contains one idea or though that is used several times but is written in different words, then you will not get the high grade. In such a case, the content of the work will be very poor. In general, the size of the essay does not matter. What is very important is its content.
  • Punctuation errors. Not every program has the function of punctuation checking and sometimes it may put improper marks. You should remember that and recheck every complex sentence. Your essay should not contain run-on sentences. To check such type of sentences is very easy. You should just read it and point the parts where you make a pause. This pause means that a mark should be used. It can be either a comma or period.
  • Lexical mistakes. If you are writing about a specific technological topic, then you should use the proper terms and notions. Mind the mining of the words that you use in the essay. Improper notions will confuse your readers. Besides that, all sentences should be easy-to-comprehend.

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