Create an Online Marketing Plan that Will Grow Any Business

Competitive Advantage Create an Online Marketing Plan that Will Grow Any Business

Creating sustainable growth is not nearly as complex as you may assume it to be. Sure, growing your infrastructure is an industry-dependent issue, yet, when it comes to your marketing, you can form a plan without giving much thought to the niche that your business is in. What you need to do is prepare a strategy instead of just focusing on short-term moves, come up with a scalable plan and display a staggering amount of flexibility. Here are several tips to help you set out on the right path.

1.     Start gathering emails early on

Email marketing is incredibly effective even in this day and age. Namely, it has the ROI of about 4400 percent, meaning that you get to earn $44 for every $1 that you invest. However, for this ROI to hold true, you need to ensure that your email list is organically grown. A lot of people buy email lists from companies who specialize in such services and, later on, wonder why the effect isn’t nearly the same. A person that willingly gives you their email is already a qualified lead, which means that they’re already one step closer to becoming a conversion/paying customer. As your email list grows, so will your influence and your revenue.

2.     Invest in your social media marketing

Promoting your business on social networks is not something that you can do for free. The reason why people make this false assumption is due to the fact that they see that they can make an account and upload content for free. However, assuming that, just because you have a certain number of friends/followers, this is your natural reach is outright wrong. You see, social networks treat businesses differently than they do individuals or even groups. However, paying for your content to be sponsored or using Facebook ads is definitely worth your money. This is why social media marketing needs to be included in your digital marketing budget. It really is that simple.

3.     Rapidly expand your blog

A lot of people want to start their blog slowly and work their way up as they go, however, starting from scratch is hard. Imagine a scenario where you post your first ever blog post on your new blog and the content itself is a piece of art. What will be the next course of action for the reader? Well, most likely to check what else you’ve written/published on that same blog. In a scenario where you have nothing else on your blog, chances are that they’ll just leave, seeing as how they won’t be ready to take the risk of doing business with someone fresh to the industry. This is why you need to establish a connection with talented writers, as well as guest bloggers and make them into contributors as soon as possible. Due to the fact that you’ll have to upload new content on a daily basis, the more, the merrier.

4.     Invest in a great website

A great website is both your first and your last line of defense. After all, regardless if they look through your blog, click on your ad or follow the thread through your email they’ll end up on your website. This is why your website needs to be professionally made, however, this is far from inexpensive. Keep in mind, nonetheless, this is an investment into your company’s future, which is why it might be an expense worth taking a loan over. Going to a credit union or a bank would probably be your first two choices, however, platforms specializing in instant cash loans are also an option.

5.     Start an SEO campaign

One of the best-kept secrets of digital marketing is the fact that the results of a Google search are not random but they are not always the result of the company’s reputation either. To a visitor, however, it will always appear so, seeing as how the first three results will always appear more trustworthy than those displayed on the second page of Google search results. The simplest and, by far, the most reliable way of doing so is to invest in a reliable SEO campaign. This way, you’ll put your rank in the hands of experts.


As you can see, all of the above-listed are applicable, regardless of the industry, unlike some other methods that depend on the type of business that you’re in. For instance, while testimonials are a cornerstone of popularity in some industries, if your business depends on secrecy (private investigator, family lawyer, etc.), this might not be something you can fall back to. With the above-listed five techniques, this won’t be the case.

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