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Creative Pic Effects for New Photo editor Apps – PhotoMediaApps


The photo editor is a new offering by photo media apps which allows the user to edit photo online through their Android smartphones. It is a completely free and highly remarkable photo editing application which offers many  features and groundbreaking editing effects. This photo editor can be used by both girls and boys in order to beautify the ordinary looking images captured by their smartphone camera.

There are several photo editing applications available on Google Play Store, however, only a few of them offers free services. But they are not able to give your pictures the kind of innovation and creativity that you desire. This is absolutely not the case with photo editor online as it consisted of extraordinary and highly functional features that will transform your picture into a royal and professional art. The best thing about this application is you don’t need to be technically advanced to understand and use it as all the important features and functions are available right in front of you. Even a child can use it to beautify their picture after using it for a couple of minutes.

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Latest talk about some of the most interesting features of online photo editor

1. Incredibly user-friendly interface which allows the user to easily import and navigate pictures from the gallery in order to edit.  All the editing options and futures are available right in front of you. You don’t need to search in submenus for a specific feature.

2. Outstanding editing effects that include adjustment of contrast, brightness, colors, sharpness and much more using just your fingertips. The user can easily rotate, resize, zoom in and out, scale up and down, crop and align their photos with much ease.

3. The user can also include different frames, text, stickers, stars and other accessories on their pictures to make it up your more beautiful and elegant. It only takes a matter of seconds that transforms your ordinary looking image into a work of a professional.

4. Choose girls and boys accessories from a huge collection of sunglasses, celebrity hairstyles, formal Apparels and casual apparels, contact lenses, earrings, nose ring, piercing pins and much more to give your face and image a completely different look.

5. Add highly creative and stunning background to your image which you have only seen in Internet and televisions with your favorite stars.

6. Create beautiful collage photo grid and other decorative photo items with the help of online photo editor.

7. Enhance the quality of your picture in one tap with the help of its automatic adjustment tool.

8. Share your beautiful creativity with your friends and family over social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + Instagram and Whatsapp.


All these amazing features are available in this photo editing tool for absolutely free. So confidently share your pictures on your Facebook page or with your friends and let them know about this remarkable photo editor so that they can also make a special use of it.




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