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Crossbeats Ignite S3 Review – Best Smartwatch in Budget?

There are a lot of smartwatches out in the market but when it comes to budget, there are not many options. Recently, Crossbeats launched their latest smartwatch that is “Crossbeats Ignite S3” in the Indian market this year. They have loaded tons of brilliant features into this watch that we will share with you in this Crossbeats Ignite S3 review article.

It is brighter than its predecessor and we mean that literally. On the launch of this smartwatch, the co-founder of Crossbeats said, “In addition to a host of health-related features like SPO2 monitor, heart rate and blood pressure tracker, we have introduced a couple of new features — stress level monitor and women health monitor, which essentially allows users to track menstrual cycle by manually managing the calendar. “The all-metal smartwatch with an elegant dial allows users to quit worrying about accidental drops while its dual themes add to the style quotient”.

Let’s start off with the pricing of this gadget. In our opinion, we think it’s fairly priced at Rs. 4,299. For the number of features this smartwatch brings to the table, the price justifies its positioning in the budget segment.

Box Content

Crossbeats Ignite S3 techniblogic
  • 1 X Ignite S3 Smartwatch
  • 1X Strap
  • 1 X Quick Start Guide
  • 1X Charging Cable
  • 1 X Warranty Card
  • 1X User Manual

Build Quality

Crossbeats Ignite S3 techniblogic

When it comes to its build quality, it feels very premium like other expensive smartwatches in the market. It has an ultra-thin metallic body that gives this smartwatch an amazing finishing. And the best part is it comes with a rotating crown design that makes it closer to a classic analogue watch. The display looks very bright and clear in sunlight as well. But it has a quite big size screen border that you can understand if you look at its price point. Ignite S3 is sturdy in nature and it’s mostly protected from accidental falls. It’s rated IP67 water-resistant so you do not have to worry about those rains or drizzles.

The straps that come along with the watch are sporty looking and can easily be swapped with a different colour (in case you choose to order similar-sized straps). The crossbeats website does have a variety of options available. And the best part is its rubberised strap does not stick with your skin as other cheap smartwatches out in the market. Its strap quality is good enough but not as compared to the Apple watch. You cannot get everything at such a price.


Crossbeats Ignite S3 techniblogic

One of the major selling points of this particular smartwatch is its large display size of 1.7 inches. It is a fully HD IPS touch display with a peak brightness of 450 nits. The ultra-thin bezels along with a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees make it an impressive gadget to look at. The only thing this smartwatch lacks is the Always-on display which Crossbeats has added in their PRO version. In this watch, whenever you move your hand it detects the motion and the display got on, but many times in our testing it got delayed or I have to click the button with another hand.

All the call alerts and notifications from WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, etc. can be viewed on the display easily after syncing the smartwatch with your device. You can even pick up calls and answer them with an inbuilt speaker and mic.

Health Tracking

Crossbeats Ignite S3 techniblogic

Like every other smartwatch in this segment, the Crossbeats Ignite S3 features an SPO2 tracker (it cannot replace the original SPO2 medical meter but you will get a rough idea on daily use). It also has a blood pressure monitor, a heart rate monitor that works 24 x 7, and a sleep tracking feature. This gadget allows women to track their menstrual cycles with ease. The pedometer built in the watch helps you track your daily step count and the number of calories burnt.

There are 10 different sport modes available that include – Yoga, running, walking, cycling, basketball, football, spinning, etc. Isn’t it great! with such pricing, you will get a lot of features like expensive smartwatches.

I tested some features like a step counter, heart rate monitor on regular basis and it works fine to give you proper data of your daily route life. It also combined the data and show you the proper graphs to help you for a better understanding of your health.

User Interface & Connectivity

Crossbeats Ignite S3 techniblogic

It uses Bluetooth 5.0 and the interface provided in this smartwatch is quite dynamic in nature. With multiple customizable watch face designs and 2 menu styles, there’s a lot more to go with it. Scrolling through the menu and its option gets very easy with the rotating crown. You can seamlessly track your activity levels using its CB-ACTIVEApp. It’s compatible only with iOS 9 and above and Android 4.4 and above.

There is a built-in speaker and microphone in case you want to give someone a call. It’s quite easy; head on to the menu and find the “Dial” option and input the number or call someone from your contacts. The audio quality along with speaker volume is average in nature and does the job it’s intended to.  For Android, you will automatically get a pop-up showing to connect via Bluetooth to enable the calling feature. For iOS users, you will have to view the phone’s Bluetooth list and connect to BT 3.0 to enable calling for your device.


Crossbeats Ignite S3 techniblogic

We noticed a unique feature that has been creeping up slowly in the gadget department which generally revolves around stress. Ignite S3 brings you a newer health metric to help with stress management. It generates a graph that is plotted based on your heart rate readings.

Some other features of this smartwatch include – recording your workout session and saving it in form of records that you can view easily. There’s a small catch to the display though; the maximum display on time is set to 8 seconds so that could be something that you find annoying at times but all-in-all this smartwatch is jam-packed with brilliant features.

Battery and Warranty

Crossbeats Ignite S3 techniblogic

The battery life is fairly decent on the Crossbeats Ignite S3. On a full charge with typical usage, it claims to run approximately 7 days with a standby time of up to 20 days, but after using it I can say if you enable all the features like a regular heart monitor, continuously connection from your smartphone then it will last more then 4-5 days but still its better than Apple watch 7 that only last up to 18 hours and cost much higher the price. This smartwatch is powered by a 300 mAh battery. The quick charge allows you to charge your smartwatch from 0% to 50% in less than 30 minutes.

The Crossbeats Ignite S3 is available in 6 colour variants – Sporty Green, Carbon Black, Sporty Red, Ice Silver, Sporty Grey, and Sea Green. If you are going to purchase the smartwatch, don’t forget to register it on the Crossbeats website within 10 days of the purchase date. This will help you avail of the 12 months limited warranty.

Overall this is a great smartwatch in this budget by Crossbeats. If you have some extra bucks to spend you can also check out the Crossbeats Ignite S3 PRO version which has an Always-on display that otherwise this is also good to go watch. The gadget can be purchased either from its official website or you can head over to Amazon or Flipkart to purchase it.  

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