Cube iWork10 Ultimate Review (Android + Windows 10) : Best DUAL OS Tablet 2017!

Cube iWork10 Ultimate Review

There are so many brand in the market who are manufacturing and coming up with new products in the market. Companies are doing anything to WIN loyal customers by offering products at lower price.  So, if you are a Fan of a Android Tablet and also want that your Android tablet support Windows for other professional purpose then today we have a special device for you.  This tablet can be used in Android OS as well as on Windows OS as it support DUAL BOOT system that too in very affordable pricing. Cube iWork 10 Ultimate might be the next big thing for you. You can BUY it from HERE.

Cube iWork 10 Ultimate Specs

Brand Cube
Model iWork 10
Color Blue
Screen Size 10.1-inches
Display resolution 1920 x1200
OS Windows 10/Android 5.1 Lollipop
Chipset Intel Atom X5-Z8300
CPU Quad-core 1.44GHz (up to 1.84GHz)
GPU Gen8-LP10 / 12EU up to 600MHz
Internal memory 64GB
Bluetooth Yes, v4.0
Battery Li-Ion
Battery size 7500 mAh
Front camera/Back Camera 2MP/2MP
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Box Content

Cube iWork10 Ultimate box content

  • Tablet
  • Charger
  • OTG and Micro USB Cable
  • Manual

and if you are going to buy keyboard for the same like i do then keyboard box only keyboard will be there and nothing more.

Cube iWork 10 Design

Cube iWork10 Ultimate ReviewWhen we consider with the price of the tablet at which it is available, i don’t think so we can expect more or rather i would say it is one of the best looking tablet with with great built in this price. Expecting more will be really very rude for this one.

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The combination of colors which Cube used is very attractive and eye catching. The front side is totally black and at the back we get the combination of dark navy blue and black color.  iWork 10 looks and feels premium with every aspect. Considering what this tablet can do, it is really very thin device with just only 8mm. The front panel also consider a 2-megapixel camera with several other sensors which are needed. Below the screen we also get a window button.

Cube iWork10 Ultimate -back-panelComing to the back side there we get a primary 2-megapixel camera which is all surrounded by a black plastic. Then we get some product info and obvious iWork logo with added “Intel inside” logo on lower back. The tablet is sleek but still we can easily hold it with both hands so you don’t need to worry about dropping it in any scenario.

Cube iWork10 Ultimate -volume-buttonsOn the top side of the tablet we get power button and volume rockers which works quite well and give nice haptic feedback when you use them.

 Cube iWork10 Ultimate portsComing to the left side here we get different ports like 3.5mm audio jack, Mini HDMI, Micro USB port 2.0 mainly for OTG purpose, beside it USB type c port for charging purpose and SD Card which can support up to 128 GB of expansion.

Cube-iWork10-Ultimate-speackers-usbComing to the right side we get two speaker grills which works well and are quite loud.

Finally to the down side of the tablet we get support of lock and pogo pins using which we can attach iCube keyboard in it. Take my words iCube keyboard is worth to buy, it is really very sturdy to use and has a solid built. One thing which i want to mention over here is that when we use the keyboard we also get full size USB port of each side of the keyboard, which is really needed thing when we use windows in the tablet.


Cube iWork10 Ultimate android-osThe main thing which we need in a tablet is it display, Cube iWork 10 is equipped with 10.1-Inch Full HD IPS screen with 10-multi-touch support. There are many other brand in the market offering double the resolution but when we see its practical expect it will low down the battery as well as performance of the tablet while using in Android or Windows mode. It will also increase the cost a lot.
We get great viewing angles and even in bright sunlight it works well in both android and windows mode. One thing which might you affect you is that, the display which we get is very reflective and while using the same in sunlight might affect you. The only solution which i got is using a Matt screen guard for the display to get better experience in sunlight. Bezels on the side of the screen are pretty big, which ultimately help us to grab the tablet easily. This is mandatory thing which is needed.

You acn always buy a third party stylus which works perfectly on it. You can even make your own stylus if you want. Hope you get my point what i want to convey.



Main thing which we need to consider in a windows and Android Tablet is it’s performance. Cube iWork 10 comes with Intel Atom X5-Z8300 (Cherry Trail Z8300) processor made on 14nm technology and is clocked at 1.44GHz. Coming to the graphics chip, it’s the Intel’s HD GPU’s. This all is supported by 4GB DDR3L RAM. While playing any HD game on Android or Windows mode it will work fine. I have made a short video on it showing playing games on iwork 10. Surfing on the web, perform perfectly. Multitasking on normal bases works fine but if you make it too high intensive use like using premier pro or other high end stuff just forget it, because it is meant for normal usage and for normal on the the go work, that too in affordable pricing. Professional photo and video editing is not recommended with this tablet.


Cube-iWork10-Ultimate-front-cameraThis tablet is having 2 cameras one at front which is a 2-megapixel shooter and other one at back which is also a 2-megapixel shooter. We cannot aspect much with that 2-megapixel camera from front as well as from back, still i would say doing skype call and and other web video calls will get average quality. We are so much stuff in this affordable price i think we can still compromise a bit at camera.


Cube-iWork10-Ultimate-keyboard-mouseThis tablet is equipped with 64 GB of internal storage which we can expand by using a third party microSD card that to up to 128 GB. There is no internal storage left inside the tablet which can hold additional SSD in it. As it is a dual boot system where we are getting Android as well as Windows lot of internal storage is already occupied by the system. We definitely need to expand the memory by using a SD card.



The best thing or rather i would say the best USP of the tablet is it’s dual boot system. This is only and one of the best thing which will make you choose this tablet and buy one for you. Here we get full-fledged experience of Windows 10 and anytime you can pop your self to Android 5.1. So, i think this will make you work in any scenario. You can switch any OS any time just by few clicks.

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As we are having both OS one one tablet, you won’t be finding any issue in finding any kind of apps and games. Every normal work can be done in this tablet. Watching movies, doing office work, normal photoshop and other stuff can easily be handled by this device.
Overall, whatever OS you choose, they both run without lag or stutter.


Cube-iWork10-Ultimate-back-panelNow coming to the battery part which is one of the most important aspect for any device. Even when a device is having this hardware with dual boot system it make device more hungry towards battery. iCube Work 10 comes with a large 7500mAh battery, which can easily last you for about 5 hours or even more on continuous movie watching. By lowering down the display brightness, we can enhance the power of battery it, rest it totally depends upon how and what kind of work you are doing on the tablet.



Now, with this tablet within the package you won’t be getting a keyboard but i would suggest you to get the keyboard for you. There are many reason i am saying this to you.

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  • You will get 2 additional full size USB ports.
  • You can easily type your documents by using a keyboard
  • It will safeguard the screen and tablet.
  • The keyboard which you get additionally will match the color and size of the tablet which won’t make the tablet look odd one out.


Personally i will recommend this tablet because for normal office use and other normal work i would say this one is one of the best tablet which you can buy in this affordable pricing. You can also Buy its Keyboard from Here.

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  • Pricing (Very aggressive)
  • Good Hardware
  • Dual BOOT (Android and Windows 10)
  • Any time switch to different OS
  • All required ports are there


  • Difficult to use on your lap while using the keyboard.
  • High end work cannot be done
  • Need to be imported and might get charged with customs (I have not paid any customs ordered using EMS and not DHL pr any other premium shippers.)
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  1. That’s great specs with dual Boot #DUALOS Amazing laptop to supports (#Android & #Windows10) I really like it. Best for the user who are working most of the times on both computers as well as on Android device to use it simple #TABLET with #DUALOS.

  2. I think for the price this tablet is offering a lot not to mention it’s USP the dual OS support but other features such as Huge battery, FHD display and specially the Intel processor with 4GB and 64GB iinternal which in fact is expandable!!

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