This Cute Delivery Robot will Change the Way we receive our Package


With everything getting smart and smarter every day, we now have a smart delivery system. Every one of us needs convenient, low-cost delivery and now with the DISPATCH startup, this urge of people is being fulfilled.

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DISPATCH is a self-driving delivery vehicle designed for sidewalks and bike paths. Over a time, customers expectation for ordering and delivery process has risen rapidly and DISPATCH fulfils every expectation, whether it is being on time or item security. Carry is the first autonomous vehicle under DISPATCH start-up.

How does DISPATCH works?

You can order online and then you will be informed about the timing at which you are going to get your item on the mobile number you have registered while ordering. Time to time you will also be provided with real time updates. You will also be notified about the packaging and loading of your item. When carrying the vehicle under DISPATCH start-ups arrives at your doorstep, you will be notified. You just have to come outside of your house, grab your item and then carry is ready to go for its next delivery.


  1. Offers a short delivery/ service times windows via customer web portal.
  2. Planning of delivery scenarios such as ad-hoc, same day, next day delivery or also individual time window requests.
  3. Predictive idle time calculations.
  4. Cost saving up to 20%.

Why DISPATCH services?

dispatch_09DISPATCH vehicles could be useful to existing on demand companies, especially the ones that are struggling with the cost of last mile delivery. It helps to save the money which is given to ordinary delivery vehicle because, with DISPATCH vehicles, delivery of your product to your door is not going through your friendly human courier, but a cute self-driving ROBOT.

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