Cyclonis Password Manager Review: Now No need to Remember your Passwords !

Cyclonis Password Manager Review techniblogic

There are several websites that we use regularly, like our favorite Gmail, Facebook, Instagram etc. The one thing that is vital about all of this is they we handle information on such platforms, and these services are not just for entertainment purposes, but they are a part of our life. And as much as important a person’s data is, it’s also important that we keep that data secure and safe, well in this digital word everything heavily relies on privacy and security, and that directly relates to passwords. A report suggests that two-thirds of people normally use one password for all of their online account, which is highly un-secure. We get it passwords are complex to remember and since you do not have just one but multiple accounts, it’s hard to remember all those IDs and passwords. So, what exactly a solution for that?

Password manager… A password manager is a software that holds all your accounts, IDs and passwords in a secure encrypted storage, which only you can access. They play a big role in securing all our accounts information in one place and give a sense of security to the user. Now there is plenty of password manager that promises so many different feature and security services one can use, but which one is actually viable?

So, we searched and found a really interest password manager that promises some premium feature but comes free of cost. The Cyclonis Password Manager; the software is free of cost and has features such as encryption technology, cloud synchronization, vault, bank detail security etc. So, let’s see how much good are these features actually and how safe our information is?

What is Cyclonis Password Manager?


The Cyclonis password manager is as similar to any conventional password manager that you have seen or used, but it comes with a perk. IT’s FREE and offers an approximately equal level of security in terms of data encryption and security. Well, we personally used the software and we were surprised to see such feature in a tiny package.

Features We Liked

As far as we have seen and used the software, there are few features that we really like. Let’s see them.

  1. AES-256 Encryption- Advance encryption standard 256 stands for encryption security on your data. This level of encryption is so advanced that even top security agencies like NSA, use it for their cryptographical module. It’s nearly impossible to break that level of encryption even for a supercomputer. Cyclonis uses this level of encryption to create a vault, in which all your IDs, passwords and bank details exist, which can only be unlocked with one master password. This is a highly secure method of protecting any kind of information.
  2. Password Generator- Probably the most rated feature of this app makes this a unique application to use. The password generator is used to create a random password for your online accounts, it can be anything, mostly all these passwords are very complex since they are created randomly by the application itself. So, it’s better to let the manager takes care of it.
  3. Cloud synchronization- if you’re using your accounts on multiple devices, you would need this. Cloud synchronization uses your cloud services like One drive, Google Drive, Dropbox etc. services to upload the privately accessible vault, where all your passwords are kept secure. With it you can access your information from any internet enabled device.
  4. Data import/export- This feature allows Cyclonis to import data from different browsers, so you don’t have to manually enter every account detail. Which becomes very simple for the user and also at the time of exporting into the browser. It also imports CSV files from another password manager.
  5. Password analyzer- The software comes with a dedicated password analyzer, which analysis all your accounts password and tells you how much secure the password is. It categorizes every password in various sections, instructing you to increase the password complexity, reused password, old passwords and passwords that can be compromised easily.
  6. Private notes- The software also comes with some individual feature, such as secure notes. Where you can create a note and it will be saved in the vault. The vault will only be accessible by a master password, that will be requested to create at the installation process.
  7. Browser integration- A browser integration is nothing but an add-on extension of the browser itself. The Cyclonis browser extension allows the user to access their accounts and IDs in a much secure way, even when you have saved the password within the browser. You can also set to automatic login when you open the desired page, which is quite handy.

Why do I need a password manager?

6-Mac-password analyzer details

Initially, we were not very fond of passwords managers and till now they are not really popular among net users, and there is a certain reason for that. The conventional password managers are either fake or don’t offer a higher security, the only ones that are highly recommended and used are paid application. That creates a stigma around users and they don’t usually trust in a third-party application with their passwords or bank details.

Most users have the same passwords for their Facebook, Gmail, Instagram etc.  But as a user, everyone should have a certain level of security on their accounts, especially on the internet. It’s not just because you keep forgetting passwords but it’s more about keeping your accounts secure. The preliminary reason why people get hacked easily is that their password is very easy to guess. A password manager helps keep your password complex and secure at the same time, giving you a sense of relief.

Our Opinion

As a freeware, the Cyclonis password manager achieves our expectation mark. It has a really easy-to-use UI, the installation process is quick, it has got a higher level of encryption, you can even integrate with cloud services, create a vault for your personal files and can even integrate with browser add-on for quick and secure user login. The only downfall that the product has that it’s not available on mobile devices such as Android or iOS, so you have to manually enter the IDs and passcode into your app. Although the folks at Cyclonis are working on an Android app until it’s not launched users may have to face some issue. What seems like a Freeware Password manager, Cyclonis may turn some user attention and make them browse the web more securely.

That’s all for this guys, stay tuned for next one.

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