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DELL EMC new range of products in Industry

DELL EMC launched there new series of Data Domain protection storage appliances for modern data center. Mainly they have introduced:

VMAX 250F 

The new DELL EMC VMAX 250F is going to deliver an enterprise-class flash array. DELL EMC is now to deliver improved storage across its entire VMAX All Flash array with latest HYPERMAX operating system update. This time there update includes inline compression to increase storage efficiency. DELL EMC also introduced the new DELL EMC VPLEX for All-Flash, with a flat license fee to move as much as data, from as many appliances required, to all-flash arrays and then you can also mirror that data in all-flash environments to ensure the highest level of data availability.

New Data Domain with Flash-Enabled Protection Storage

DELL EMC is here with new software and a new generation of Data Domain protection storage systems that are flash-enabled to deliver industry-leading speed with well enhanced protection for virtual environments. These systems also provide the ultimate efficiency for tiering long-term retention to data on to the cloud.


New capabilities which features intelligent inline compression and support for the latest flash drives, are designed to enable gains in storage capacity and efficiency for all-flash configurations. To expand Unity capabilities of data center DELL EMC also introduced integrated file tiering to the public cloud (including Virtustream), along with intelligent and predictive analytics through the new CloudIQ cloud-based storage analytics platform.


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