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DesignEvo: An Easy and Free Solution for Creating Fascinating Logos Online


The software company PearlMountain provides a brand-new online logo maker – DesignEvo, completely free of charge. There are over a million icons as well as hundreds of fonts and shapes available. Without having to install anything and without registration, unique and professional logos can be created very quickly.

With DesignEvo, it’s just a few clicks away to create a logo. They have step-by-step tutorials for you and if you want, you can watch a short explanatory video to see how it works. Then kick it off with a click on “Make a Logo for Free” on the DesignEvo website.

Once you enter the app, popular searches are displayed under the icon search panel such as computer, Facebook, sale and technology. With a simple click on the desired icon, you can add it to the editing canvas and customize it at will. Each icon can be scaled, flipped, rotated and customized with wanted color.

DesignEvo: An Easy and Free Solution for Creating Fascinating Logos Online 1

You may know that text is necessary for a logo. The logo text should be clear and spiritual, which speaks volumes about your brand. In DesignEvo, it’s easy to add your own company name and slogan if you have. DesignEvo offers a handy text editor that has hundreds of text font and word art for choice and enables you to edit text with your own style, color, alignment and effect.

DesignEvo: An Easy and Free Solution for Creating Fascinating Logos Online 2

In addition there are also a lot of shapes, lines and symbols, which are meaningfully listed in categories. All the elements snap automatically within the working surface so that you can arrange your logo effectively to get a perfect result.

Finally, the logo can be downloaded immediately. The preview function is quite funny, because you can preview how your work will show on various materials such as letterhead, company wall, shirt, and business card. Download is quick and free. You will get .ZIP file which contains high-quality JPG, PNG and a PNG with transparent background.

DesignEvo: An Easy and Free Solution for Creating Fascinating Logos Online 3

Key Features of DesignEvo:

* Free web tool to design professional-looking logos.
* Very easy to use.
* No design skills are required.
* Registration is optional.
* More than one million icons.
* Hundreds of fonts to choose from.
* Powerful editing tools to customize your designs to your liking.
* Functions of “undo” and “redo”.
* Intuitive and user-friendly.
* Preview tool is very useful.


DesignEvo is another alternative to create impressive logos simply, quickly and completely free. It’s a web utility to work directly in our browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE, etc) and the possibilities of editing and personalization are enormous.

If you need to create a logo for your new blog, website, business or any other project, this tool is suitable for this. You do not need any design skills to use it, perfect for creating a new logo or renewing the old one, especially if you do not have sufficient funds to hire a professional.

You have unlimited downloads with it. The only thing that DesignEvo will ask us to do right before downloading is that we share the application in our social networks or websites. If you can live with it, DesignEvo is a good and fast way to create very individual graphics.

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