Destiny.Games to conduct Token Sale of the Abyss project – a next generation gaming platform

Destiny.Games to conduct Token Sale of the Abyss project - a next generation gaming platform 1

Destiny.Games a well known Russian developer and operator of video games, finally announced the Token Sale of the Abyss project, which is a new generation digital gaming platform. This will allow gamers and other developers to earn some money by participating in multi-level referral and other motivational programs. At this particular moment, the volume of investments which is made in this project has already exceeded about $ 1.5 million.

The Abyss offers developers different type of advertising interaction where they can directly buy and sell their targeted traffic to one another. At the same time, they will start receiving payments even from the users who are leaving the game. This method provides an ability to reduce different other expenses and to increase their potential in growth for developers.

The Abyss is here with different offers which are surely going to be of profitable options for players, such as referral payments, rewards for gaming achievements and payments for creating content on it.

According to the CEO of Destiny.Games Vladimir Kurochkin, in the modern digital era gaming entertainment, has penetrated almost in all areas of our activities. “Over the past three decades, we have witnessed unprecedented development in the gaming industry. Video games initially challenged other forms of entertainment; now they are the definitive leader,” he says. “The gaming industry in 2017 exceeded an income level of $100 billion. Today the figure is around $105.4 billion. The market has expanded by 12% so far this year, and by 2020 it is expected to grow by 60-80% to reach the level of $168.8 billion.”

Anyone can purchase Tokens with Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) from their official website of the project. The cost for ABYSS token is 0.0004 ETH and 1 ETH for 2,500 tokens, or the equivalent of this in BTC at the exchange rate at the time of payment.

The Pre-Sale of ABYSS tokens is scheduled for January 2018. The main stage of the sale (Token Sale) will take place in February 2018.

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