Different Career paths for AWS in Chennai

AWS Free Tier FAQs Different Career paths for AWS in Chennai

Cloud computing allows users to concentrate on their projects and consumers without thinking about technology issues. It saves time, money, and effort. It also helps customers focus on engaging business aspects.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leading pioneer in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), promoting everything from the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence to virtual reality and analytics. AWS provides every advantage you could expect from the cloud. It is far superior to other cloud service providers on the market regarding data availability and high transfer stability.

This AWS guide is for all professionals who want to know about cloud computing. It will help you with various career paths such as Cloud Architect, AWS Solution Architect, DevOps Engineer, and AWS Engineer. In this article, let first try to understand cloud computing, AWS, and then we shall move ahead to know different career paths in Chennai at the end.

What is Cloud Computing?

Remote servers are used on the internet to store, handle, and process data instead of on the local server/pc.

In cloud computing, there are essentially three categories:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS): It helps businesses use software without purchasing it, which significantly decreases their expense. It has already been deployed on the cloud server and can be accessed quickly and saves time.
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS): It enables developers to create apps, work on projects without buying or maintaining infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): It allows businesses to rent servers, storage space from a cloud provider.

What is AWS?

AWS refers to Amazon Web Services. AWS platform is the largest and most commonly used cloud platform in the world.

As of 2020, AWS includes more than 175 products and services for the Internet of Things tools, computing, analytics, storage, networking, database, software, production, administration, mobile, and developer tools. It leads the market share of the cloud platform market and is the world’s leading cloud platform.

AWS certification and training

Are you searching for AWS training in Chennai? In today’s IT nation, AWS certifications are highly sought after certifications. It is suggested that you were prepared to obtain certification and pick various appropriate certificates from Amazon and several other training providers. Which certification to choose depends on your profession, your role, and your experience.

According to your experience, if you choose the AWS certification, it will strengthen your knowledge, and more and more opportunities will boost your career. The Associate Solution Architect is the most demanded certification. The AWS certification is accredited in compliance with the needs of the industry. It allows you to deploy safe and robust AWS applications effectively. It also helps to find a suitable AWS service based on data, computation, or security needs.

AWS certification benefits

You need to know the value of AWS certification if you wonder why you should adopt Amazon’s AWS certification. It’s very beneficial to pursue AWS certifications. Here are the advantages of having an AWS certification that shows you how useful an AWS certification exam can be.

  • Examines the AWS knowledge and skills
  • Adds options to raise your salary
  • Helps you desirable in the job market
  • Manifest professional contribution
  • Increases prospects to get hired
  • Opens the door to new jobs
  • Makes you flirtable

Career paths for AWS in Chennai

Certifications from Amazon Web Services (AWS) will open the door to multiple highly paid jobs. It will help you conquer the uncertainty of potential careers. There are a variety of positions open to you if you are AWS certified. Look at the top AWS positions that can be gained with an AWS certification.

  1. Solution Architect: As an AWS Solutions Architect (SA), you can use your experience and build advanced cloud-based applications and move current workloads to the cloud. The AWS Accredited Solution Architect is the qualified specialist who analyzes the company’s specifications or the businesses and makes architectural decisions for the design and adoption of the application on AWS.
  2. DevOps professionals: The AWS DevOps Engineer’s task is to design and improve automation to facilitate continuous delivery and integration processes. They must collaborate with senior leaders to carry out complex, business-wide strategies that are part of its overall strategic direction.
  3. Cloud practitioners: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner provides a high-level introduction to AWS. It does not deal deeply with any individual service. It focuses instead on the general framework of AWS and some working knowledge of what essential services do.
  4. Cloud developers: Cloud developers are responsible for developing enterprise applications and solutions. You can apply to various AWS positions through extensive experience in software development and knowledge of AWS platforms. AWS certification can also help you advance your career one level up as a cloud developer. The average salary for a cloud developer or solution engineer in India is Rs. 7,25,00/- per annum.
  5. SysOps Administrator: AWS SysOps Administrator is responsible for the implementation, maintenance, and management of AWS systems. If you have experience managing and deploying the development operations on the AWS cloud, confirm your expertise with AWS SysOps Administrator certification. It increases the selection capabilities for AWS jobs. The AWS certification adds a credential to your resume, thereby helping to increase your earnings. AWS Machine Learning certification is one of the best AWS certifications for advanced machine learning experts.
  6. AWS Cloud Architect: AWS Cloud Architect is the job role directly related to engineers and clients, offering a stakeholder platform and strategic leadership. The cloud architect offers leading implementation and technological architectures to ensure that modern technology is interspersed. You can become an AWS Cloud architect if you have cloud computing experience and are an AWS Certified Solutions Architect expert.

Final words

In the cloud computing industry, AWS has played an increasingly important role and is a significant revenue source for Amazon. It is undoubtedly the best time to engage yourself and launch your career in AWS. Select job positions and relevant certifications and verify your experience in the cloud to excel in your professional career. Build your cloud competencies to the next level to support your career and pass the certification exams with the best AWS training course in Chennai.

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