Why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing

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Along with setting up a marketing budget, it is also important for a business to use it in the right place to get the maximum benefit. Therefore digital marketing is better than traditional marketing. In previous days, traditional marketing was the only option and marketers had to think within its territory. But after digital marketing came into the market, it has changed many things and many marketing ideas.

In many ways, digital marketing provides better ease of facilities than traditional marketing. With a good idea about why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing, a business can more wisely devise its whole marketing strategy.

In this post, we have discussed in detail about what is traditional marketing and what is digital marketing. In addition, we have also listed the main reasons for which digital marketing is better than traditional marketing.

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Digital Marketing is better than Traditional Marketing

digital marketing is better than traditional marketing
digital marketing is better than traditional marketing

What is traditional marketing:

Traditional marketing is basically the conventional mode of marketing running throughout ages. Even in the age of digitization, it is difficult to ignore traditional marketing completely. With time, the modes of traditional marketing have evolved but the central idea revolves around the 4P’s of marketing which are Price, Product, Place, and Promotion. Using these 4 basic P’s traditional marketing and linking them correctly, businesses create the right sales funnel. We can find many examples of traditional marketing around us. You can place ads in print media such as newspapers and magazines. You can distribute brochures, handbills. You can set up a banner or billboard right in front of your shop or at a prime location, or broadcast your ad on television or radio. All of them come under the territory of traditional marketing.

What is digital marketing:

Digital marketing basically relates to all your marketing methods which you conduct via using the internet. From the outside, digital marketing seems much distinct than its traditional counterpart because it totally focuses on the last P of the marketing mix; Promotion. But the fact is, it does not ignore the other P’s. In fact, it utilizes them in a more unique and better way than traditional marketing. As it is based on the internet, digital marketing provides more freedom for marketers to apply their innovative thoughts and create unique marketing strategies. Some common tools of digital marketing include PPC marketing, e-mail marketing, SEO, SEM, content marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc. While each of the components of traditional marketing is separate from each other, digital marketing is more of a collective approach that involves all types of digital marketing tools to develop a proper marketing strategy.

Why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing?

Direct interaction with customers:

Traditional marketing has no option to directly engage with audiences and customers. It is more like a one-way medium. On the contrary, digital marketing offers a wide range of tools through which you can directly communicate with your customers. You can see what they like, what they dislike, what are their suggestions and customize your product or service accordingly. Thus, digital marketing is a better option to build long-lasting relationships with your audience than traditional marketing.

The capability of measuring results:

When you publish a TV ad, advertise in newspapers or hand out brochures, you do not know how much people were actually seeing your ad and how your ad is performing. You can go in the wrong way, but no one there to tell you that.

Being quite different from traditional marketing, you can measure your results in digital marketing. It gives you access to plenty of analytics and measuring tools that can precisely tell you how your online campaign is performing, how many visitors your site is attracting, and how many among them are converting. Thus digital marketing lets you measure your marketing approach to make it even more effective.

A wide range of audience:

Along with its many limitations, one main limitation of traditional marketing is that it cannot go beyond a certain geographic location. A billboard or a newspaper ad, whatever you publish, it will be distributed within a specific location. But in digital marketing, only the sky is the limit here. It has no geographic restriction, so, your business will meet with a wide range of audiences across the globe. Thus, creating more opportunity to expand your business.

Reduced cost and enhanced effectivity:

When you spend money on marketing, you analyze the R.O.I (Return On Investment) to decide the success of your marketing campaign. And in that perspective, digital marketing provides better R.O.I than traditional marketing. Costs for digital marketing are way less than traditional marketing. In some cases, it is so less than even school-goers can post ads on the digital platform after saving one month’s pocket expenses. Moreover, you can check your ad’s performance in real-time and modify it accordingly, which is more effective than traditional marketing.

Final thought:

Due to these benefits of digital marketing over traditional marketing, businesses are more preferring digital marketing day by day.

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