Digitek DBE 008 - Best Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

When it comes to select the best earphones for us, we personally choose to go for wireless earphones because of their convenience. No matter what device we want to use, it should be potable. People choose to use portable and convenient earphones while working out in the gym. Here the earphone by Digitek will provide you excellent audio quality, and you need not worry about portability and convenience.


The Digitek Bluetooth Earphone in size DBE 008 comes with an ergonomic design that is designed for efficiency and comfort. The earphones provide a perfect fit and can withstand heavy physical activity like a daily workout. The earphones are equipped with microphones that users can use to enjoy crystal voice.

Digitek DBE 008 - Best Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

The Digitek DBE 008 earphones are sweatproof earphones and comes with in-line controls like to help users to adjust volume, pick/reject calls, change music track without having to use their smartphone. With the unique magnet absorption earphones just hang like a necklace, or while music pause/play function. The best part of these earphones is it has a playtime of 25 hours. Isn’t it amazing! You can continuous listen to music without plugging it to a charger.

Digitek DBE 008 - Best Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

The Digitek DBE 008 comes with Bluetooth version 5.0 which effortlessly connects with you with two smartphones simultaneously. The in built mic and hands-free calling lets the users to handle their calls without handling phone and speak your heart out whatever the situation is.  The earphones one-touch button can control both volume down and previous track. Long press for changing the track and short press for turning down the volume. One-touch button for both volume up and next track.  Long press for changing the track and short press for turn up the volume. Press it for your dual feature like turning up your personal voice assistant and Turning the earphone off.


Digitek DBE 008 - Best Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

The earphones are lightweight and are designed in a way that helps to minimize ear canal fatigue and pressure points, these earphones can be worn for long listening sessions. The Digitek Earphones are priced for Rs. 1495 but for now they are available for Rs. 999 on Amazon.in

I think it is one of the best Earphones in the market that you can buy at a budget of Rs 1000 and its battery life is just awesome. If you listen to music 3-4 daily then you only need to charge it once a week. That is really great! Hope you like this article, stay tuned for more Awesome gadgets like this!


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