Digitek Launches Bluetooth Stereo Earphones For Music During Workouts

Digitek DBE 002 Bluetooth Stereo Earphones

Digitek, an Indian tech brand for Photographic and Smartphone accessories has launched two earphones in the Indian market for music lovers. The models are DBE-001 and DBE-002 Bluetooth stereo earphones. The gadgets are meant for everyday use including physical exercise and workout like running etc. As far as we know, the devices are professionally built and have a very elegant design. The earphones are custom made for smartphones and are built with A2DP/AVRCR high quality stereo music technology.

Digitek DBE-001

Digitek DBE 002 Bluetooth Stereo Earphones The first wireless treats for music lover, the DBE-001. Is made for people who are looking for wireless earphone in a tiny budget. The device has Bluetooth 4.1 that works for approx. 10 meter in range. The music listening time is not more than 4 hours and the design is quite good. On the side it has 3 buttons that have different functionality such as Volume up/down, power on/off, call receive/cut, next and previous while playing music. You can buy it from Amazon.

Digitek DBE-002

Digitek DBE 002 Bluetooth Stereo EarphonesThe DBE-002 has a rather charming build quality, it has a matte black finish that gives it a premium look. The device has Bluetooth 4.1, which gives it an approximate 10-meter range. As far as we know, it also has a 4-hours of music listening. On the side it has 3 buttons that have identical feature as the DBE-001. You can buy it from Amazon.

Mr. AmitSaraf, Managing Director, IMS MercantilesPvt Ltd, the parent company of Digitek said, “Keeping in mind the customer’s convenience, weat Digitekconstantly innovating in our product categories. Workouts become more enjoyable with music and one doesn’t need to worry about carrying the phone. With the Bluetooth stereo earphones one stays connected with others and is accessible through calls. The stereo effect that the earphones lend to the music ensures an enjoyable experience.”

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The models DBE-001 and DBE-002 are affordably priced at an MRP of INR 895.00 and 995.00 respectively. They are available at most of the web stores such as flipkart, Amazon etc.

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