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DiskAnalyzer Pro Review : Hard Disk Space Usage Analysis and Manager

How to quickly drill down to folders consuming most of your hard disk space?Find duplicate files and proliferated media files from the hard disk drive? These are the daily problems a normal user faces.Hope this Diskanalyzer Pro Review can help you to resolve such types of issues.

What is DiskAnalyzer Pro?

DiskAnalyzer ProDiskAnalyzer Pro software performs Data Analysis and identifies files and folders consuming most of the hard disk space on your computer. Whether it is a local disk drive, USB drive or a network drive, DiskAnalyzer Pro gives you detailed disk space utilization reports at your fingertips.
You can quickly grab the space-hogging folders and files. You can delete the unwanted files and folders or move them to a different location. You can also add files and folders to a zip archive from within the software.
All disk space utilization reports can be exported to well-formatted HTML files. You can also export the report data to CSV and XML files if you want to import the data into some other application.

Features  :

  • Detailed disk space consumption reports
  • Search for unwanted files with your own search criteria
  • Find and delete junk and temporary files
  • Locate the biggest folders and oldest files
  • Find duplicate images, videos, and compressed files
  • Scheduling and Command-line scanner
  • All folders and sub folders report sorted by file size
  • Integrated File Explorer and Viewer
  • Export disk space reports to external file formats

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 8.1 Server 2003 or Server 2008

Disk Space: 10 MB

RAM: 256 MB minimum

Free Personal edition vs Pro edition

Free Personal edition vs Pro editionYou can download DiskAnalyzer Pro software and try it absolutely free. You can order DiskAnalyzer license to remove all the feature limitations and use the full version.

How to Start with DiskAnalyzer Pro ?

How to Start with DiskAnalyzer Pro ?DiskAnalyzer Pro user interface is intuitive and simple.To use it you have to follow the steps as given below:-

  1. Run the software
  2. Click Start File Search command
  3. On the folder browser dialog, select the drive or folder path where you wish to start the file search. Now click start search button
  4. Let the program finish the file search. During the search, the software collects information about all the files and folders on your disk drive so that it can show you disk space usage using various filters.
  5. Once the search is finished, on the main window, the folder tree, file explorer and other report tabs are filled with files / folders information.
  6. Now you can view the all the tabs with different filters of data representations that help to sort your files or data easily eg. File Types Report,File Size Report,Custom Types Report etc.


DiskAnalyzer Pro help to get various types of disk space reports which will help you to find out exact disk space utilization and delete unwanted files.DiskAnalyzer Pro can also search and analyze network drives and UNC paths. It is also possible to map network drives from within the software.

Free Personal Edition Download

Personal Edition is a limited functionality version. To use fully functional version of the product, you need to purchase license key of the product.

Buy Pro Edition

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