Dizo Gopods Neo Review – Best Budget TWS?

Dizo Gopods Neo Review

New Wireless Earbuds are launching in the market every month. It gives customers more options and confuses them at the same time. Which true wireless earbuds are best in their budget. It’s the biggest question. Recently Dizo company also launched their new budget TWS named Dizo Gopods Neo, which is a good option in budget. However, if you’re wondering whether you should buy these or not, here is the Dizo Gopods neo review that helps you out.

DIZO is a partner brand or the first brand under the Realme Techlife ecosystem. Recently DIZO launched the Dizo GoPods Neo True Wireless Stereo Earphones in the Indian market. Dizo has been releasing various products in the categories of smart entertainment, smart home, smart care, and some accessories for a while now. Their mission statement states “Smart Tech Life for every Different You”.

Being the first brand in the DIZO by realme TechLife ecosystem, the products of Dizo have been gaining popularity over the last few months. At an affordable price of Rs. 1,599 the Dizo GoPods Neo is another win for the consumers who are looking for a pair of TWS earphones in this price segment.

Box Content

Dizo Gopods Neo Box Content

The GoPods Neo Bluetooth headset comes in a cardboard box packaging that looks compact. On the box cover, you will be able to find the main features of this product. Once you get into the box you will find out the charging case kept separately from the GoPods Neo earpieces. The charging case seems to have a premium finish and has a matte texture sort of finish going for it. The earpieces on the other hand are in the matching colour to that of the charging case.

  • Earbuds
  • Charging Cable
  • Ear tips Medium Size(Pre-inserted on Earbuds)
  • Ear tips Small Size
  • Ear tips Large Size
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Tips Card

First Impressions and Build Quality

Dizo Gopods Neo Review

Let’s come to its build quality first, Dizo earbuds have a compact design that you can put on your pocket easily. The white version earbuds have a shiny touch button which looks dope. Actually, it is a UV printed for colourful glass reflection that gives it a premium look and feel attached to it. Its charging case has a LED light which indicates the status of the earbuds. The earpieces don’t have any buttons on them. It solely works based on touch controls that are quite easy to use and understand.

Dizo Gopods Neo Review

The GoPods Neo earphones are water-resistant and have an IPX 5 water resistance rating. You can even use these for your intense workout sessions. I have tested it while walking, it does not drop from the ears and fitted perfectly. It is so lite weight that you can use these for a long time and sometimes you may forget if they are on your ears or not.


Dizo Gopods Neo Review

With a wireless range of 10 meters, these Bluetooth earpieces use Bluetooth Version 5.2 for seamless connectivity and very low latency of 88 ms which makes it all the more attractive for people who enjoy casual gaming.

Apart from this, when you open the charging case, these earphones will automatically connect to the existing paired device. And, in case you are using it for the first time, you can try out Google Fast pair for a quick connection.

And the best part is it comes with Type-C charging port that means you don’t need to carry an extra cable to charge your earbuds. As almost all new smartphones except Apple have Type C port support in them.

Battery and Sound Quality

Dizo Gopods Neo Review

It has been designed using the realme R2 chip that allows you to enjoy almost 2 weeks of playback time on a single full charge. And, in case you are low on battery; with fast charging support, you can charge this gadget to support a playback time of 3 hours with just a 10-minute charge. The total playback time is of approximately 25 hours with noise cancelling disabled and approximately 18 hours with noise-cancelling enabled.

The sound quality is excellent when you compare it to other competitors in this price segment. It features a 10 mm dynamic bass boost driver with an upgraded TPU + LCP diaphragm. All of this combined helps you provide a powerful and deep sound with rich quality. There’s an additional bass boost+ algorithm that allows it to enhance the bass for a pleasant audio experience. The minimum frequency response is 20 Hz and the maximum frequency response is 20000 Hz. Overall the sound quality is OK, brass is less if I compared to some other budget Earbuds like Xioami, but it has good noise cancellation features that surprise me in such budget segment.

Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode

Dizo Gopods Neo Review

GoPods Neo provides you with Noise Cancellation Technology or ANC up to 25 decibels. It blocks any or most of the ambient noise from vehicles, home appliances, or even airplanes. This helps with smooth call conversation without worrying too much about the background noise. It supports dual-mic noise cancellation for calls.

In transparency mode, these earpieces allow you to hear and talk to people around you. So you can easily make conversation with people near you without having the need to take off the earphones.


Dizo Gopods Neo Review

With the realme link application, you can customization of touch functions, change modes, switch between EQ presets etc. It will also help in upgrading the firmware of these earphones.

Dizo Gopods Neo is available in 2 color variants – Deep Blue and Aurora (White), I personally liked the white version. It looks more premium and classy. If we come to its warranty on these earbuds, it lasts for 12 months from the date of purchase. Only manufacturing defects are covered under warranty. Any kind of physical damage will not be covered under its warranty.

Our final thoughts on this product are mostly on the positive side. The price tag of Rs. 1,599 is very appealing for the number of features it provides and it is definitely a very tough market out there with fierce competition from other popular brands.

The Dizo GoPods Neo earbuds are up to mark, provide good audio quality in this budget as well as have minimal latency for the casual gamers out there, and provide you with active noise cancellation and its popular transparency mode with a decent playback time. For competitive gamers, we would suggest you steer off from this product as you may experience some or very little lag occasionally and that might be something that you should consider before making the purchase.

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