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Does Your Business Really Need Social Media?

Does your business need an online presence? It may feel like an additional expense, but the possible rewards to your brand are immense. There are 4 billion internet users, with 3.2 billion active social media users. Different social media platforms have also enabled location-based advertising, which can be helpful for businesses looking to increase their local reach.

Your business needs to be on social media. Here are some reasons you should consider.

Benefits of social media

Increased traffic

Social media will drive up traffic numbers to your pages and website. If your business is not o social media, you are missing out on potential clients who are. The number of people on social media is so large that any serious brand cannot ignore the potential for growth offered.

High rates of traffic will result in increased engagement levels, which will help draw even more users to your website and social pages.

It can be free

social media free

Most brands will shy away from social media because of the perceived additional expenses involved. You may feel that you will have to spend on paid advertising, as well as increase the number of members of staff set aside to handle the task. On paper, these may increase your overall expenditure. Some paid options are cheap as well. You can buy Instagram followers for $1 to increase brand recognition!

You do not need to take up any additional charges in order to create a social media following that will benefit your brand. Joining most social media platforms is free. You will only incur additional expenses when opting for paid advertisements and other premium services. These options are not necessary for brand growth. You can still achieve benefits such as increased traffic and conversion rates without taking up paid ads.

The return on investment of these options is so high that they might be a cost-friendly way to advertise your brand. Instead of spending on traditional sources, which offer no guaranteed way to monitor performance, you could invest in social media advertising and monitor progress through various free analytic tools.

It will help build your brand

social media brand building

Social media will give access to a following that may not be possible in the real world setting for smaller brands. Creating a global level of brand awareness requires a high level of investment on your end without social media. You will need to develop strategies that will help grow your brand over different locations. It could take a long amount of time as well.

On the internet, building your brand may be a little bit easier. You will not need extensive resources to create awareness across the world. It can be as easy as creating a strategic marketing plan that increases user traffic to your social sites as well as increases engagement levels, which is then carried out over time. With boosts such as paid advertisements and promoted content, you will be more likely to experience growth quickly. Social media also has the benefit of geo-tagging, which can help raise your profile within selected regions. This is great for local ventures seeking to cement a local following, as well as brands seeking to expand into new territories.

It could improve customer satisfaction

One in four people will use

How to keep track of these benefits to your brand

social media brand tracking

with their favored brands in regards to customer service. It represents an increasing figure, with more people opting for the use of the internet to address any concerns they may have. Customer service is slowly being transferred online since brands offer faster response times and more comprehensive solutions.

Users will continue to develop a preference for social media as a tool for customer service since brands have dedicated staff to address user concerns on the internet. Brands may retain an interest in this service because it allows other users to explore the brand’s relationship with its customers, as well as create new ones. Users with similar problems may also reference issues that have been addressed in the past, making it convenient for all parties involved.

With efficiency in customer service and great customer relationships, brands will increase their overall customer satisfaction levels. Users will be more likely to make return visits and may be more loyal to the brand as a result of this aspect of social media.

How to keep track of these benefits to your brand

Does Your Business Really Need Social Media? 1

Keeping track of the benefits to your brand will help determine which practices are best suited for your strategy, and help to identify which aspects could be improved upon. You will be better placed to control brand growth by monitoring performance.

For traffic levels, you can use analytic tools to help monitor changes to the number of people who visit your page and website. This will guide your understanding of the impact of any current campaigns, or provide an update on present traffic levels in the absence of one.

You can monitor customer satisfaction by allowing users to express their view of the quality of service rendered. You may also use the customer satisfaction index or observe your website and page response times to know whether you are performing well.

The return on investment for paid advertising can be determined by the success in achieving your brand’s level of growth. You can analyze the impact of these advertisements on engagement levels, changes in followers and conversion rates.

Final thought

Social media is a great tool for your brand’s growth. It can increase the level of awareness, even for locally based businesses. It will help direct traffic to your website, which may positively impact conversion rates and sales. You can use it to increase your brand’s revenue, as well as improve your engagement levels with your clients. They will be loyal to your online community, and may even develop into an offline community as well. Social media will improve customer service since it provides an additional forum through which users can interact with your brand.

In order to receive these perks, you should manage your social media pages carefully. To develop credibility, you may consider having similar brand pages across different social media platforms. Users will better identify your brand, and be more willing to engage with you on the platforms as well.

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