Drones Serving in Singapore Restaurants as Waiters

drones as waiters in singapore

Do you like to travel a lot? Do you guys like to visit different restaurants then this place is for you guys. If you are going to travel to Singapore in the near future so you guys must visit this restaurant. You all must me thinking that what is so special in the restaurant, but it is not an ordinary restaurant with the ordinary waiters taking the order rather they are having Drones which are going to get back to you to provide your order. You must be thinking that this all may look good in science fiction movies but it is true. Fortunately these ‘bots just want to bring you beer and pizza in starting.

They have been testing these drones in-house to improve service to its customers. Each drone is capable of carrying about five pounds, which means they can easily deliver for two — say, a couple of pints and a whole pizza.

According to them deploying drones will allow the restaurant to make better use of its staff, who will still do the actual order taking and handing off  the drones will simply come to you with your orders from the kitchen out to the dining area. Infinium’s CEO Junyang Woon is confident that his company’s drones will ensure that “staff are able to interact more with customers and enhance their dining experience.”

Flying drone waiters

You must be worried that the airspace above the tables might get a little dangerous during dining rushes? The company providing the drones, Infinium Robotics, says you needn’t be. They’ve equipped the fleet with everything the drones need to avoid collisions both with each other and the restaurant’s paying customers. As long as their batteries don’t unexpectedly deplete mid-flight, as this is a exception to it.


The only reason that the restaurant is going to add drones is not because to popularize themselves in a different way, but in Singapore it is not easy to find staff for the serving purpose and the young once are shy for the serve job due to which they are deploying the drones in the restaurants which will ultimately popularize them in a modern way as well as decrease the cost of staff.


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