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Having Low Memory Warnings? Let’s fix it up

Today, Android smartphones are used very commonly. Now, if you are using Android phone, you need to maintain the device or phone also, since we use WhatsApp, Hike, Facebook and lot more applications from where we download pictures, videos, and audio files. Even, we use emails due to which we need to download multiples files and documents attached to it.

However, at times, what happens is, the files, such as music files, videos, photos, all get downloaded more than one time which results in duplication of all types of files. This duplication of files results into occupying more space on our systems and thus making it slow. So, as you can see this replication of photos results in the cumulative effect, first, increasing memory and then secondly, affecting the performance of the device.

And moreover, we are already engrossed in our work so much that we hardly get time to remove these duplicate files manually. So, I am pointing to the fact that we need a Duplicate file remover application which itself removes duplicates of files and folders from our devices, no manual work, only automatic mechanism! Sounds relaxing!

That’s why I am providing you the best solution for this problem. You will appreciate the solution which I am going to mention. So, yes, the application is Duplicate Files Fixer offered by Systweak to help poor people like us by removing duplicates and making our work hell lot of simpler.Duplicate Files Fixer Android App


The more you will know, the more you will adore

Let’s get familiar with the features of this Application. Here, we go:

  • Duplicate files fixer allows you to scan and find duplicates of diverse type of files, such as, audio, video, pictures, documents or you can even for “full scan” option to make your device spick and spanThe more you will know, the more you will adore
  • For the learning purpose, it has a feature in it by the name of “tutorial” to make user understand the procedure to be followed for obtaining the result.
  • It tells you the number of duplicates present in the files by forming a separate group and mentioning the number of it residing in it.
  • If you are wondering that original one might be deleted, then relax, no, it won’t be deleted. The original one remains unmarked. Happy!
  • Suppose, you do not want to scan a particular folder as it has important stuff in it, then? Oh! Don’t panic, just put that folder in the ignore list. It won’t be scanned. It will remain intact.The more you will know, the more you will adore2
  • The filters can be provided to search for duplicates as per the desire of the Android user to get the device scanned.
  • It has feedback option in it, so that, user can gives suggestions or acquaint with their experience of using the application.
  • Sharing is caring. So, an option is provided for Android user to share the application, Duplicate files fixer, to make the lives trouble free of the knowns of user.

The friendly User Interface

At the home page of Duplicate Files Fixer, you will find options for scanning pictures, videos, documents or audio files. And not to forget, you can opt for full scan as well.

The friendly User Interface

You can select the type of file you want to get scanned.

The friendly User Interface 2

However, if you wish not to include some folder in scanning, then just put in the ignore list by going to the settings tab followed by ignore list. And in case, you have changed your mind and you want get that folder also scanned which you thought of skipping? Go to the ignore list and remove it from there. So, what I am trying to make you understand is that the ignore list can be altered. Add or Remove, Your Wish!

Follow the foot steps

In order to get the files scanned and acquire duplicate files red- handed, simply select the folder and set the scan filters as well. The scan filters include attributes such as, same size, and same content. In case of full scan, you will get the list of hidden files and folders while scanning documents.Follow the foot steps

You simply need to click on a button which will automatically start scanning. After the scanning process, it will list you the number of duplicates present in the folder.

The duplicates are shown by the formation of groups in which the original one remains unmarked. However, you can select any option, that is, either Auto- mark or can choose deletion of the photos.

Follow the foot steps 2

It permits you to sneak peek those files which has been listed by the Duplicate Files Fixer so that you make sure that the listed files need to be deleted. After the preview, just tap on the option “delete marked duplicate” and it’s done!


It will make your Android device free from clutter and unwanted files and folders. There are multiple options provided to user for their convenience, such as, mark all except last in each group or mark all except first in each group. So, the main motive is to reduce the manual work of user and help him in getting free space in Android phone. This is done by finding duplicate files and then deleting them.

Final verdict

Try out this Duplicate files fixer and become the owner of device which embraces loads of free space, and relief from duplicate files and waste!

I would suggest this application to Android users as it works as a duplicate cleaner because it has so many features in it that you won’t get this anywhere.  Duplicate Files Fixer application is one of its kinds. When Solution is right in front of you, then why to wait, Zoom!



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