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Duplicate Photos Fixer Review – An Accessible and Free Duplicate Photo Finder App

Android phones memory fills in before we even realize. Other than all important files, apps and documents, it is hogged by duplicate content. More often than not, it’s the duplicate images which successfully perform space hogging task. Such images are exact same, say their pixels, name, angle, format and all other details.

Finding duplicate images otherwise is a tedious task and yes out of the question. Duplicate images can easily be tracked with a duplicate image finder app. There are hundreds of such apps available on the platform, which claim to find duplicate images accurately. But not all can be relied upon. Duplicate Photos Fixer is one reliable and accurate app which finds and removes identical images with ease and in no time.

Duplicate Photos Fixer – A handy duplicate photos remover app

Duplicate photo remover apps usually have got a nasty nature. They don’t really perform the task that they are meant for. Simply stating, they either don’t notify users about the duplicity of images or notify about the wrong ones. For this reason, they fail to stand tall in the entire lot.

Coming back to Duplicate Photos Fixer, it surpasses all other similar apps. Upon scanning of duplicate images, this duplicate cleaner comes up with duplicate images in groups. This gives a fair idea of similar looking images that you may be carrying on your phone. While performing this task, it also mentions the size of all images in a group. This further helps in selecting the image for deletion.

Duplicate Photo Fixer 1

However, there is another feature enabled in the app to mark duplicates. The app, by default, auto-marks all duplicate images. If in case, user doesn’t want to mark duplicates with the help of this duplicate photo remover app, he can unmark all selected images and later mark manually. Once the images are selected, user simply need to delete all such images and get away with the duplicity.

Other Features of Duplicate Photos Fixer

Being a duplicate image finder app, Duplicate Photos Fixer has got a few great features which are worth looking for.

Matching Level: The app allows users to set a matching level to scan duplicate images. With this feature, users can customize the scanning according to their preferences. The duplicate cleaner app has got a scale, which can be adjusted and can also be set on the default level.

Duplicate Photo Fixer2

  • Scanning Options: Along with marking and matching level options, this duplicate cleaner app also has a scanning options. You can choose to scan for duplicate images from camera images, individual folder and full scan. This adds up to be another customization option.

Duplicate Photo Fixer3

  • Languages: The duplicate image finder app is available 15 in different languages, making itself available and accessible for world-wide users. Some of the languages with which this duplicate photo remover app is compatible with include, Japanese, Finnish, Italian, Swedish and many more.

Duplicate Photo Fixer4


The app is good. Starting from its UI to working, it is easy to understand and performs well. It also clears cache that is created with the app. In all, Duplicate Photos Fixer is a handy and reliable app, which helps in removing duplicates and recover storage space. It is available for free on Google Play Store and also is compatible with other platforms including iOS, Mac and Windows.

Get the app now and get rid of duplicate photos on your Android phone.


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