Slysoft’s down, Redfox’s trouble in payment and sales, whatever, all of them do not matter, because DVDFab Passkey is still here, and will be here forever supporting you.

If you’re the existing customer and a loyal fan of AnyDVD, then to the great extent you are familiar with DVDFab Passkey. If you feel sad about AnyDVD’s gone and don’t know how to make your investment totally in your control, then it’s definitely unnecessary. What Slysoft AnyDVD used to provide you and what Redfox AnyDVD will provide to you though it’s unclear when it will be, DVDFab gives you all, and more.

DVDFab Passkey is capable of reading all kinds of DVD/Blu-ray disc, ISO or folder, analyzing the protections embedded in, and then cracking them quickly. The reading process is just the decryption, which only asks you few seconds, whilst provides you the detailed decryption info showing how much the source is decrypted with the processing bar in the bottom right corner of your desktop. After that, all the protections and region code barriers that stop you from accessing the source content are bypassed and broken. The source is opened for you, you can play it with any player or device you own wherever it is produced. And from the interface after decryption, you can learn more about the target you loaded in, including what protections are embedded, what region code is of it. DVDFab can also analyze which kind of source it is, and which vendor produced the source reading media. Contrary, you may not be so familiar with your source working with AnyDVD.

dvd rayBesides decryption, like any software, DVDFab Passkey, the best anydvd alternative, provides you many settings and options, letting you customize your Passkey to an ideal status you use comfortably and conveniently most. You can select your mother tone as the language environment, DVDFab provides a host of UI languages. You can also adjust the sound, configure the network, change the subtitles, etc.

dvd ray

What’s more, DVDFab considerately provides you short-cuts in further operations. You can rip the decrypted DVD/Blu-ray to your hard drive or to image, which can be finished by only one mouse click right clicking the icon of Passkey minimized to your system tray.

dvd raydvdLast but not the least, as DVDFab is tech-savvy in multimedia over 12 years, it has many home-made technologies which are very powerful and practical in your later use. DVDFab doesn’t skimp on sharing them with you. With DVDFab Passkey, you can enjoy the DVDFab exclusive PlayPath, BluPath, Hybird disc support, totally for free. That’s really amazing!

As Slysoft’s gone after 13 years and its successor Redfox can’t successfully provides sales and normal service, many users are worrying and fel unsafe. How will Redfox go and how further it will go is not clear, only time tells. But one thing is for sure, DVDFab is safe. It has gone through the same disaster, and it survived. It will keep accompany with all of you, and assist you make the way in your entertainment life clear.

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