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WordPress is the best platform for maintaining the eCommerce websites. But, it comes with a drawback that a WordPress site slows down a lot. In this case, it becomes very important to speed up your WordPress site. The speed of the site is very important as when the user visits your site and if it doesn’t land at a particular speed, then the visitor won’t visit your site again and as a result, the ranking of your site also goes down. To optimize and speed your WordPress website, there are few easy ways which are described as below.

Choosing a Good Host
It is not at all advisable to use a shared host for your WordPress website as it will slow down the speed your site, especially during high traffic duration. So, it is always a better decision to choose a good host when you have very important data or content to publish on your site.

Have a Strong Framework/Theme
There are many frameworks that work speedily like Twenty Fifteen framework and Thesis Theme which are really strong ones and also light-weighted due to which they have got a tremendous speed. This will, in turn, increase the landing speed of your WordPress website.

Using An Effective Caching Plugin
WordPress plugins are extremely useful to facilitate with different functionalities in the website. The most effective plugins of WordPress are the ones that fall under the category of caching. The caching plugins have the most effective features that are required for your website and are also easy to install. W3 Total cache is one of the best ones among the other caching plugins.

Using a CDN-Content Delivery Network
This is a very important tool for optimizing your WordPress website. It takes all your static files and keeps them on the server so that the visitors can download them as fast as possible.

Optimizing Images
Many of the search engines have got their own in-built image optimizer like Yahoo has the image optimizer called Smush. There is also a free plugin available called WP-SmushIt that processes all your images and compresses them so that they do not occupy much of the space and thereby, the website loads in a speedy process.

Optimizing Your Homepage To Load Quickly
You can optimize your homepage by reducing the number of posts on the page that are not needed, removing unnecessary sharing of widgets from the homepage, removing inactive plugins and widgets that are not required, and most importantly, try to keep the minimum of the content on the homepage so that it loads quickly.

Optimizing Your WordPress Database
There are few plugins available for this purpose and you can use any of them to optimize your database. You can use WP-Optimize plugin or the WP-DB Manager plugin for fulfilling the same purpose.

Adding An Expires Header To Static Resources
This is helpful in specifying the time far enough in the future for facilitating the clients for they don’t need to re-fetch any static content.

Using CSS Sprites
A sprite is an image that contains all your other images and with the help of this, you can hide all your images under one image that is required to show.

Using P3 Profiler Plugin
This plugin is developed by Godaddy and is helpful in tracking those plugins on your website that actually slow it down.

Controlling The Amount Of The Revisions Stored
For fulfilling this purpose, Revision Control plugin is available that ensures that you keep the minimum of the revisions on your website so as to prevent the slowing down of your website.

Turning Off Pingbacks And Trackbacks
Turning off the pingbacks and trackbacks will generate a lot of work for your site and will not at all destroy the backlinks of your site. This is important to do as WordPress by default interacts with other blogs that are equipped with pingbacks and trackbacks and every time other blog mentions you, it not only notifies your site but also updates its data which in turn, will slow down your site.

Using Cloudfare
This plugin works very much similar to CDN but this plugin will not improve the speed of your site, but also will make the security of your site stronger.

Thus, the above mentioned plugins are very much helpful in optimizing your WordPress website and are also useful in increasing the speed of your website. There are lot many others too which are not mentioned here.

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