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When it comes to e commerce web design, one of the most important features of any ecommerce site is the product page. This is where potential customers will spend the most time on your site deciding whether they want to buy your products. In order to keep them on the page and convince them to buy, you must have a great product page that evokes emotion, provides information and presents visual content to entice the shopper. Here are the necessary element you’ll need for a great product page.

Focus on the Product

While it may seem obvious, the design of your product page must focus on the product you are trying to sell. One easy way to do that is to maintain plain, single-colored backgrounds on all product pages. This will help feature the photo of your product and make brightly colored products stand out.

The product page should also have menus and navigation options to get shoppers from one page to another, but those should not get in the way of shopping. Having hidden menus and a minimized navigation bar will help you keep your focus where it belongs.

High Quality Images

One of the highlights of any product page is the collection of photos featuring the product. The photo is essential for shoppers to be able to picture themselves owning it. For clothing, models need to be able to show the comfort and fit. For products that you don’t wear, the photos need to feature every angle and every physical feature that’s necessary to use the product. If you think a demonstration of the product can help, add a short video on the product page for even more shopper engagement.

Excellent Product Descriptions

After the photos, the product description is the element that will best help make your sale. Although you need to include features and specifications, you also need to use the production description to engage with shoppers on an emotional level. Which emotions you target will depend on the types of products you sell, but this description needs to create a story that the shopper can see themselves in, making it more likely for them to consider buying it.

Optimize Your Page for Mobile

With more customers doing their shopping on the go, it is vital that your product pages are optimized to work for any portable device. Without this optimization, you can be sure that customers who can’t make an immediate purchase may not decide to come back when they are seated at a traditional computer. Making it as easy as possible to purchase products from anywhere will help you build a base of loyal, repeat customers.

Feature Ratings and Reviews

One element that is optional but recommended is having ratings and reviews on your product page. If you have plenty of satisfied customers, this can be a big benefit to convince others to make a purchase. Details reviews, even if they are not highly rated, can also help positively impact your sales because not every experience with the product will be the same.

Having a place for customers to rate their purchase is helpful so that if there is a significant problem, your customer service can act quickly to resolve issues.

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